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Colors of an app icon - 2022 edition

Back in 2015 I investigated the colors used in app icons. How's it changed in 2022?

by Stuart Hall
Responding to app store reviews: the staggering growth

Ever since 2013, you could respond to reviews on Google Play. In 2017 Apple followed and gave us the same functionality. But is anyone using it? We dug in to find out.

by Stuart Hall
5 tips for managing app store reviews and ratings

Excellence in app store review management is key when it comes to making your apps more useful, beautiful and profitable. See our tips to manage reviews effectively.

by Estelle Oliveri
Prompting for app reviews and ratings on iOS and Android

The ultimate guide on libraries, when to prompt and much more

by Stuart Hall
Switching To App Store Subscriptions

Are App Store subscriptions better than one-off in-app purchases?

by Stuart Hall

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