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Stay up-to-date with reviews, using Webhooks

Appbot offers Webhooks as a convenient inclusion on API plans to make it easier to stay informed about new reviews

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What are Webhooks?

API’s work by responding to requests you make, but APIs can only give you data you ask for if they have the data in question available. They can’t offer to send you the data you requested if or when it becomes available, so you simply have to try again later. When it’s really important that you get the information you’re requesting quickly this might lead you to make the same request to the API every few seconds.

Webhooks solve this problem, by pushing new data to you as soon as it becomes available. With a Webhook you can create a request for it to send you new reviews every time one arrives. Webhooks are perfect for real-time alerts and data synchronization.

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What can I use Appbot Webhooks for?

Appbot Webhooks include all of the important meta data about each iOS, Google Play, Windows and Amazon review. Here are some of the most popular use cases from our customers:

  • Create alerts for new reviews
  • Automatically update your sentiment reports in real-time
  • Customize review alerts based on star rating, Topic, or any other meta data point we provide
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Get more out of the Appbot API

Webhooks are a great tool to help you reduce your API request volume, since a request is only counted when the Webhook pushes a new piece of data to you. This means you won’t need to poll the Appbot API for new reviews at a high frequency, and can use your monthly API request quota to request other data points like Ratings.

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Staying informed about new reviews has several major benefits

  • Identify bugs and complaints earlier, fix faster
  • Monitor star ratings and reviews
  • Surface feature requests
  • Understand correlation between app reviews and conversion
  • Pinpoint changes in user sentiment
  • Focus your roadmap on things users care about
  • Respond to customers faster

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