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Fix bugs before they affect your star rating

Stay informed about what customers think of your apps in real time, so your developers are the first to know when trouble strikes.

Close the feedback loop, improve faster

Appbot connects technical teams to user feedback, so you can see exactly what’s working and what isn’t in your app. Connect developers with customers in real time by sending app reviews & product reviews to the tools your team already uses. Advanced filtering makes it easy to ensure the feedback you share stays relevant and engaging for technical team members.

Try these popular techniques for sharing user feedback directly with your developers:

  • Send app reviews that mention Bugs to Slack or Microsoft Teams
  • Schedule a sentiment and star rating report to land in your team’s inboxes weekly or monthly
  • Display an Appbot Dashboard with key user satisfaction metrics in the office
  • Create JIRA tickets from app or product reviews
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Works with your favorite tools

Appbot is designed to plug into your existing workflows, minimizing context switching and maximizing team productivity. Check out our complete list of integrations - all available to test during your free trial period. Give your customers a voice in the tools your team spends time in every day.

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Sentiment Analysis makes measuring improvement easy

We’ve spent years perfecting sentiment analysis that understands the unique way that users use language in short-form customer feedback. Emoji, abbreviations, colloquialisms and expressive punctuation are important tools that users use to share their feelings, and Appbot’s sentiment AI recognizes and understands these nuances. Our sentiment analysis AI has been trained on over 400 million records of user feedback and delivers world class accuracy.

Measure the response, whether positive or negative, to your most recent app update. Quantify what users think of your latest feature. Compare user sentiment now to 12 months prior. All in a few clicks!

Examples of sentiment classification

Natural language processing for data-driven roadmap planning

Monitoring changes in sentiment and star rating tell you how you’re doing. Natural Language Processing highlights the factors that drive sentiment and star rating by analyzing your customer feedback as a whole and surfacing important trends.

Use Words, Phrases, Topics, Custom Topics and Tags to identify the things that matter to your customers without reading each piece of feedback individually, or relying on manual tagging and spreadsheets. NLP makes it possible for you to:

  • Automatically surface feature requests or bugs
  • Monitor the sentiment for user feedback that mentions your latest feature
  • See the keywords that are most popular in feedback from your toughest critics
  • … and much more.

APIs give you unlimited superpowers

Need to send app reviews or product reviews to a third party service Appbot doesn’t integrate with? No problem. Our RESTful API gives you almost limitless flexibility to send customer feedback to the places it’s most useful. Appbot’s API can also be used to connect app review data to Tableau, or to generate completely customized reports or alerts.

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