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NLP app reviews analysis tool
for iOS, Google Play and Amazon products

NLP (Natural Language Processing) app reviews analysis tool for understanding app reviews across all stores and countries.

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This NLP reviews analysis tool does the heavy lifting for you

Get actionable insights into the words, phrases and topics that are powering customer sentiment for your apps, without reading app reviews manually. Appbot helps you understand the content of your reviews in just a few minutes, without any need for manual categorization.

Use text mining to see what delights customers, what frustrates them and how the changes you make to your apps and products are received.

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Surface important themes in a few clicks

Appbot's natural language processing tool was built specifically for the analysis of app reviews, where the use of language is unconventional. Conventional NLP tools aren't designed to reference emoji, abbreviations or shouty reviews full of capitalization. Our Words, Phrases, Topics and Tags tools can help you to answer questions like:

  • What is the sentiment for feedback that mentions our new feature?
  • What do customers think of our app's new design?
  • What are the most common Topics mentioned in our 1 star reviews?
  • What are our most popular feature requests?
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How Appbot’s NLP app reviews analysis tool works

Our purpose-built AI automatically classifies and analyzes the unstructured text in your reviews. We look for common keywords, popular phrases, trending themes, and even let you configure your own topics to monitor. Use Appbot's text analysis tools, to dive deep into:

  • Sentiment
  • Keywords
  • Common Phrases
  • Trending Topics & Tags
  • Emotional analysis
  • ... and much more
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Voice of the Customer analysis for apps & Amazon products

Effective natural language processing & text mining across all feedback channels is critical in helping businesses to understand how users feel about their apps, but it's only the part of the picture.

Appbot's purpose-built AI reads all of the app reviews and Amazon product reviews that you connect to your account. We classify reviews according to sentiment, emotions, topics and keywords. Visualize how your customers feel using our Sentiment and Emotions tools, and dig deep into what drives sentiment using Words, Topics, Custom Topics and Tags.

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