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Reply to app reviews for higher star ratings and happier users

Our Reply In Appbot feature takes the pain out of responding to iOS and Google Play reviews.

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iOS and Google Play Reviews

iOS & Google Play reviews in one place, at last

Appbot gives you a beautifully organized way to see all your reviews across both major app platforms in a single screen. No more toggling between App Store Connect and the Google Play Developer Console; now you can see all your reviews on one page, and reply without leaving Appbot.


Identify and prioritize high impact replies

Want to make sure your 1 star reviews get a reply within 24 hours? Or perhaps there are a lot of reviews about a particular problem with your app at the moment, needing urgent attention...

Appbot saves you hours by offering an array of ways to group your reviews. Apply filters by date, star rating, keyword, topic, custom topic and more so you can respond to similar reviews without changing context. Different teams have different priorities, so Appbot's filters are fully customizable to allow you to find the reviews that matter the most for your app, easily.

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Yep, that's right, you can now reply from Appbot direct

Reply to app reviews all in one place, without leaving Appbot. Replies to your users are displayed as a thread in Appbot, so you can easily see all the context.

Better yet, Reply in Appbot means no more negotiating with colleagues about access to the app store consoles. Now anyone who can access your Appbot account can reply to Apple and Google Play app reviews quickly and efficiently.

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Why reply to app reviews?

Replying to customers on the Apple and Google Play app stores is critical in today's competitive environment. A study by Google showed that apps that regularly reply to customers see an average 0.7 star increase in their star rating when they begin replying.

Replying to reviews demonstrates to your customers that you're serious about customer service, that you're listening to users and that you respond to both positive and negative feedback.

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Who can use the Reply in Appbot feature?

Reply in Appbot is available to users on the Large plan and above. Customers on the Small and Medium plan can still take advantage of our Reply Deep Links, which link each review in Appbot to the same review in the App Store or Google Play. When you follow the link you'll be taken to the relevant app store to leave your reply there.

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Measure reply impact

Want to know if replying to reviews really helps your ratings? Appbot offers advanced, exportable reporting to help you track exactly how much change your review replies have on your star rating.

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