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Replying to app reviews is hard. We've been doing it for years, and we've got to understand what works and what doesn't to help drive a better user experience, as well as a higher star rating.

But not anymore. You can use Appbot to generate replies to app reviews. Our AI-powered system uses natural language processing and machine learning to understand the context and sentiment of each review and generate personalized, human-like responses that will delight your customers.

Post your reply straight to the app stores, without leaving Appbot, for maximum efficiency.

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Reply tools for teams of any shape or size

Reply to app store reviews from right inside your Appbot account, using Reply in Appbot. Anyone who has access to your Appbot account can reply to app reviews, removing the need for support agents to have access to the app stores. Reply in Appbot also comes with built in Canned Replies!

Our Reply in Integrations feature makes it easy for you to treat app reviews as another customer support channel. Reply in Integrations will send all your iOS & Google Play reviews into Zendesk or Freshdesk and allow your team to reply, in-line, without leaving them.

For smaller teams, use Deep Link Replies from Appbot review emails or integrations, like Slack. Just follow the link to head directly to the selected review in the Google Play or Apple app store console.


Customize your reply workflow

Appbot saves you hours by offering an array of ways to group your reviews. Apply filters by date, star rating, keyword, topic, custom topic and more so you can respond to similar reviews without changing context.

Different teams have different priorities, so Appbot's filters are fully customizable to allow you to find the reviews that matter the most for your app, easily. Filter which reviews you send to Zendesk, Slack or other integrations to keep the most important reviews top of mind.

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Replies lead to higher star ratings

Replying to reviews demonstrates to your customers that you're serious about customer service. A study by Google showed that apps that regularly reply to customers see an average 0.7 star increase in their star rating when they begin replying.

Want to know if replying to reviews really helps your ratings? Appbot even offers advanced, exportable reporting to help you track exactly how much impact your review replies have on your star rating.

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Choosing the right reply tool

Reply in Appbot and Reply in Integrations are available to users on the Large plan and above. Both these features require users to connect their app store accounts to Appbot.

Customers on the Small and Medium plan can still take advantage of Deep Link Replies. Deep Link Replies do not require connection to the app stores.

Whether you choose Reply in Appbot, Reply in Integrations or Deep Link Replies each user that is replying to app reviews using one of these tools will require their own Appbot account. Check out our plans page for all the details.

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