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Businesses have come a long way in improving their app store reviews and ratings since Google introduced the ability to respond to reviews in 2012, but still, in 2022 almost 82% of 1 and 2 star reviews shared on Google Play App Stores are left without a reply.

This is a staggering percentage considering the Google Play app store is a competitive marketplace.

In April 2016 we randomly selected 3.5 million app reviews on Google Play store and analyzed the reply rates. Back then 97% of app reviews were left without a reply. This year we ran a similar analysis across 35 million random apps reviews on Google Play and the results 6 years on are still poor - 89% of all reviews were left without a reply.

app reviews without a reply

Of the users who take the time to write a dedicated 5 star review, approx. 8% are provided with a reply of thanks and/or gratitude. The greatest fanbase of an app do not get the recognition they deserve - particularly when this group of individuals are responsible for driving someone else's decision to download/purchase. Imagine how much a brand would stand out from their competition if every 5 star reviews was acknowledged by the mobile app team. With more than just a generic "thanks" there is so much opportunity to engage raving fans further.

What is most interesting with the results is the percentage of responses to 1 and 2 star reviews. Whilst more effort is evident app owners respond to 1 and 2 star reviews compared to 5 star reviews, ultimately 82% of 1 and 2 star reviews are left without a reply.

That's 82% of missed opportunity to build rapport with app users.

82% of missed opportunity to increase app ratings.

82% of missed opportunity to stand out from competition.

82% of missed opportunity to protect your brand.

82% of missed opportunity to get to the bottom of issues so you can fix them.

82% of missed opportunity to turn negative reviews into 5 star reviews.

So why are so many mobile app reviews left unanswered?

How can mobile app businesses take a competitive edge with reviews?

mobile app businesses competitive edge diagram
  1. By creating an app review management plan for mobile app teams to provide clear insight into which reviews are prevalent and require prompt attention and response accordingly.
  2. By leveraging sentiment analysis to help prioritize which reviews to respond to.
  3. By connecting third party tools like Slack, Freshdesk and Zendesk to monitor and alert mobile app teams to incoming reviews and reply to plus tools to make replying easy.
  4. By making use of canned replies to make it faster and less cognitively intensive to respond to reviews.
  5. By building meaningful reports with an App Reviews API to view app review data against other metrics important to the business - ie marketing spend, downloads, conversion rates, revenue.

How can responding to reviews increase your app store rating?

improve app reviews

1. By showcasing your customer service

Responding to reviews is evidence you offer great customer service. 83% of customers agree that they feel more loyal to brands that respond and resolve complaints.

2. By protecting your brand reputation

Addressing 1-star reviews protects your brand reputation.

3. By increasing your Rank in the app stores

The app stores have indicated that replying to reviews can help you rank better in the app stores. See Google Play App Discovery & Ranking .

4. By improving your app faster

Monitoring and reporting on the content of your reviews, using a tool like Appbot, can help identify issues faster and highlight the opportunities to improve upon.

5. By improving your star rating

Last but not least, replying to reviews can have a directly positive impact on your star rating. Google have even stated that users increase their rating by +0.7 stars on average when developers respond to their feedback!


It's not hard to outshine competition when it comes to responding to reviews. With statistics showing 82% of 1 and 2 star reviews are left without a reply, great opportunity exists for mobile app teams and developers to take lead and provide exceptional customer service for app users.

Plenty of third party app review tools are available to help app developers create sound app review management plans - it's a matter of taking action to integrate this into the business to take your app to new heights.

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