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How to write an exceptional 5-star review reply

checklist of how to write an exceptional reply to 5 star reviews

Recently we analyzed the percentage of app store review replies across 35 million random app reviews. Of the users who took the time to write a dedicated 5 star review, only 8% were provided with a reply of thanks and/or gratitude.

Incredible opportunity exists to stand out from competition with exceptional 5-star review replies. In this article we analyze 5-star review replies to unpack the components of the ultimate response.

Ugly 5-star reviews reply examples

Ugly 5 star review

Whilst replies to 5 star reviews are set with great intention by app teams and developers, some replies leave reviewers with a bad taste in their mouth. These are the replies that ask for additional reviews on other platforms, additional information or mention any negative information.

Here are some examples of what we've seen over the years:

The reviewer has already made the effort to write a 5 star review. Asking for additional information is not required at this level.

Exceptional 5-star review reply examples

Ugly 5 star review

Excellent 5-star reviews share one common underlying message to readers - that the reviewer's positive feedback is highly valued and recognised.

Here are some examples of what we've seen at Appbot:

Based on the replies above, let's look at components that make up an exceptional 5 star review:

  1. Expression of thanks and gratitude for the review.
  2. Rehash of the reviewer's enjoyment of the product or service.
  3. Expression of thanks for choosing the brand.

You'll notice these reviews consist of at least 2 sentences and not less than 25 words. More energy and effort is perceived in these replies than generic replies like “Thank you for your 5 star review” and “Thanks so much”.

For bonus points, you might also consider these ideas to incorporate into your 5-star review responses:

Adding these details, rather than always replying with just boilerplate copy, demonstrates that the time the user took to leave the review was valued. Personalized responses are much more memorable!


The way in which app teams and developers address 5-star review replies should be considered early and formed part of the business app reply strategy. If only 8% of 5 star reviews are replied to across the app stores, this represents a great opportunity to stand out from competition by showcasing quality engagement with customers.

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