Review Monitoring for mobile apps and Amazon products

Notifications for new reviews. Automated sentiment analysis. Faster replies. Happier customers.

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Examples of different integrated workflows

Add reviews to your existing workflows

Want to keep your technical team in the loop on new bug reports via Slack? Or send 1 and 2-star reviews to your CRM so the support team can reply? Appbot's integrations have you covered.

  • No limit on the number of integrations per app or product
  • Reviews automatically translated to English
  • Filter which reviews to send to each integration by star rating, country, language, or Topic.

Appbot also supports Zapier, opening up integrations with hundreds of other services.

Comparing two different scales of review monitoring

Review Monitoring for apps and products big and small

Appbot makes review monitoring easy, whether you receive a handful or thousands of reviews per day. Appbot brings reviews from all the major app stores together, as well as Amazon product reviews.

Customize your Appbot account so you receive as many or as few alerts about your app and Amazon product reviews as you need.

Our sentiment & text analysis tools make it easy to analyze the content of reviews without reading them individually. Perfect if you receive a high volume of reviews each day.

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Faster customer support, happier customers

Appbot makes it easier to reply to your customers on Amazon, iOS and Google Play. Most sellers don’t take advantage of the opportunity to use replies to connect with customers. Reply to users and stand out from the crowd - your users will thank you with higher star ratings!

  • Reply faster from emails and integrations
  • Measure improvements in ratings
  • Turn 1-star reviews to 5-stars

Understand your reviews in context

Get actionable insights into the words and topics that are powering customer sentiment for your app or product, without reading each review manually. Quantify and track how many people are making a specific feature request, or how many bug reports you received and feed that information back into your roadmap so you can improve faster.

Effective text mining for your reviews is vital, but that's only the part of the picture. Appbot also makes it easy to measure trends in sentiment globally across all your feedback channels.

Different silos of customer feedback

Appbot reads and categorizes all of your app reviews, support tickets, survey results and any other types of feedback you connect to your account. Our bots groups pieces of feedback together according to sentiment, topics and keywords. Use the Words tool to see what the most commonly used keywords in your reviews are, use Topics to see what themes are popular with customers. Appbot even makes it possible for you to design your own automated Custom Topics or Tags which can be applied manually.

Get everyone on the same page

Appbot plans are made to fit teams of every size. Connecting your team to your Appbot account saves hours in communications, and keeps everyone focussed on improving your apps and products.

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