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Your app store rating has never been more important

Track your progress towards an average 5 star rating with Appbot. Over 93% of users say they reference star ratings when choosing an app to download. Apple and Google rank apps with better star ratings more highly. Review your app store rating history and monitor your competitors’ ratings to benchmark your progress.

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App Ratings x Roadmap = better product outcomes

Appbot’s app ratings tools make it easy to correlate market and product changes with shifts in your app’s rating. Want to see the impact of your latest version? Or measure what happened when you implemented a change to your Ratings prompt? Appbot’s beautiful visualizations can help you answer these questions in seconds.

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See exactly what your users see

Our App Ratings page is kept up to date and synced with the iOS and Google Play stores, so you can see the same numbers your prospects are viewing in the app stores.

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App ratings reports to suit any team

Different teams care about different things. Appbot Ratings shows your app ratings in a variety of different formats and contexts to give you the insights you need right out of the box. View your Ratings by:

  • Average Stars
  • Ratings count
  • Star Count
  • By different time scales
  • … and more!
Comparing third party apps

Appbot API = Ratings + Third Party data

The Appbot API allows you to query your iOS and Google Play Ratings programmatically. Correlate ratings data with data from other third party tools, like App Annie or App Figures. Unearth valuable relationships between Ratings and non-Appbot metrics like downloads, revenue, marketing spend and more.

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