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Supercharge your product roadmap

Get your roadmap on the right track by analyzing feedback you already have from customers, automatically.

Appbot uses world class sentiment analysis and natural language processing to surface insights such as:

  • Did user sentiment change after your last product release?
  • Which features do users mention most?
  • What is the sentiment for mentions of your newest feature?
  • Which feature request is most common?

Improve → Measure → Learn → Repeat

Product Managers use Appbot to measure how users are responding to changes to their apps and products.

Appbot offers tools that make it easy to monitor the response to each improvement you make. Measure the sentiment associated with mentions of your latest feature, a bug you fixed, or updates to your pricing model to see how your changes are perceived by customers.

Different silos of customer feedback
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Understand what customers want most, without spreadsheets or manual tagging

Appbot uses proprietary AI technology, specifically designed to understand the language used in short-form customer feedback such as app reviews and product reviews.

We’ll read each review as it is received and automatically categorize it by sentiment, keywords, phrases and topics. You’ll be able to identify popular requests for new features, common complaints about your user experience, issues with your customer support, and much more in minutes, not hours.

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Prioritize the right features, at the right time

Ever spent a lot of time, effort and budget on a feature that users really didn’t care about? Appbot makes it easy to see which features will have the greatest impact, from a users’ point of view.

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Plug into your existing workflows

Collect feedback from all major app stores and

Share it with the relevant teams and stakeholders automatically, with advanced filters to control which feedback you send to each tool. Appbot integrates with tools your team already lives in like Zendesk, Slack and Microsoft Teams.

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Automate your reporting workflow

Appbot offers a host of different options to make roadmap prioritization even easier.

Try Dashboards for set-and-forget reporting templates that can be scheduled to send to your inbox daily or weekly.

The Appbot API allows you to automatically export Appbot’s sentiment and natural language processing results. The API can be used to send data to any compatible third party tool we don’t natively support, or to build your own completely customized reports.

Our Tableau Web Data Connector lets you push Appbot data to Tableau, for correlation analyses with data from other tools.

Supported customer feedback channels

Say goodbye to silos of user feedback

Centralize all your app and product reviews to get a holistic, clear picture of what matters most to users.

Appbot can analyze customer feedback from:

  • Apple App Store
  • Google Play Store
  • Amazon App Store
  • Microsoft Store
  • (all countries are supported)

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