Appbot for Voice of the Customer Teams

Notifications for new reviews. Automated sentiment analysis. Faster replies. Happier customers.

Voice of the Customer tools for mobile app & Amazon product owners

Appbot has been built by and for teams who prioritize their mobile customer experience. Level up your understanding of your user base with purpose-built sentiment analysis and natural language processing for app reviews, product reviews and more.

Voice of the Customer teams like these love Appbot

Appbot is used by thousands of companies around the world, including 35% of the world's top app developers, and 25% of the Fortune 100.

Centralize reviews from all major stores, in one tool

Gather actionable insights from reviews across all the major app stores, plus Appbot offers customizable reporting dashboards to standardize your KPIs across platforms, allowing you to make meaningful comparisons.

Avoid the headaches of interdepartmental access to app store platforms to access reviews. Appbot allows your Voice of the Customer or Customer Experience team to analyze review data without the need to access each platform directly.

Different silos of customer feedback
Examples of different integrated workflows

Share user feedback with the right people at the right time

Give everyone in your business the information they need to keep improving. Appbot offers native integrations to send app & product reviews directly to the tools your colleagues already live in like Slack and Microsoft Teams. Choose which data you share with each channel using our advanced filters.

Example of sentiment bar breakdown

Align priorities across your business

Focus each team around the same objective; happier customers. Appbot gives teams simple tools to help them make complex decisions, based on review data that you are already collecting. Imagine having a clear, easy process to answer some of these questions:

  • What are the most common keywords or phrases in reviews with negative sentiment that mention pricing?
  • How many times has our known UI bug been reported in our reviews?
  • What proportion of all reviews are positive? What features do these users mention?
  • …and hundreds more.

Automations for easier Voice of the Customer reports

Appbot offers automations to suit any team. Here are some of our customers’ favorites:

  • Use Custom Topics to monitor mentions of specific topics over time.
  • Automatically share reviews into your internal communications tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams.
  • Create Dashboards that allow you to run the same Voice of the Customer reports across every channel you monitor with Appbot.
  • Schedule Dashboards to send to your inbox whenever you need them.

Don’t take our word for it…

"We all really love your product; it really alleviated so much pain from all the manual work we had to do. We truly all feel this was the best tool we purchased last year 😊"
Rory Smyth Photo

Diane Chiang, Product Operations Manager

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"Integrations are fantastic and we're getting everything we need from your platform. I don't know how we'd handle reviews without you!"
Rory Smyth Photo

Adam Black, Director, Mobile Product Development

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"10/10. Allows me to easily keep track of reviews — especially after a release."
Rory Smyth Photo

Rory Smyth, Senior Product Designer

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"10/10. Very personal service - team always on hand to go the extra mile for you and answer questions"
Nicola McCoy Photo

Nicola McCoy, Product Manager

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"We chose Appbot because of word of mouth, told it was the best product for reviewing App Store & Play Console ratings / reviews and analysing them."
Ollie Hayward Photo

Ollie Hayward, Product Specialist

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"Appbot has seriously changed how our entire company views our product and has been a huge morale booster. The feature that has really stuck with everyone is the weekly report card and daily stream of app store reviews into a Slack channel. We've opened up the channel to the whole company to increase transparency and folks LOVE it."
Kyle Roderick Photo

Kyle Roderick, UI/UX Designer

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"Appbot provides us with some great visibility of App performance across platforms."
Nick Wiles Photo

Nick Wiles, Head of Experience Design

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"Appbot is one of the most cost-effective investments Anthem makes. The data is rock-solid and with my 'subscriptions' to ourselves and our competitors, I can see feedback in real time."
Douglas Forshey Photo

Douglas Forshey,
Director of Digital Analytics & VOC

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"We are loving the tool: it’s offered so many data insights for the team, instead of advising our stakeholders on the basis of hunches / gut feel or by going through all data manually."
Patricia Doest Photo

Patricia Doest, Head of Player Experience

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