Send app reviews and Amazon reviews into your support workflow in Zendesk

Appbot integrates reviews from the Google Play, iOS, Amazon and Microsoft app stores with Zendesk to help you reply to customers faster.

Measure the effect of replying to reviews

Appbot monitors the effect of your replies on the Google Play Store to help you see what’s working and what’s not, in our unique Reply Effect report. Find out which replies yield the best increase in star rating, and correlate star rating changes against reply time.

Close the loop on customer feedback, using Zendesk

Sharing mobile app reviews directly with your team has several major benefits:

  • Identify bugs and complaints early, fix faster
  • Monitor star ratings and reviews
  • Surface feature requests
  • Pinpoint changes in user sentiment
  • Focus your roadmap on things users care about
  • Respond to customers faster

Join 35% of top charting app developers on Appbot

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What data can I send to Zendesk, via Appbot?

Appbot supports the Apple App Stores, Google Play Store, Microsoft Store and also supports reviews for both Amazon apps and products listed on Amazon. Send reviews from any of these data sources directly to Zendesk as new reviews appear in the stores. Connect Uservoice to Zendesk via Zapier to make suggestions actionable in Zendesk.

Share only the most relevant feedback with each team.

We all know what it’s like to be bombarded with too much information. Appbot solves this problem by giving you total control over what you send to Zendesk. Once reviews appear in Zendesk you can then use Zendesk triggers to automatically assign review tickets to different agents or teams based on the keywords, Appbot Sentiment tags or Appbot Topic tags that they contain.

Appbot works with your other favorite tools

Not everyone spends time in Zendesk every day. Appbot works with popular collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams. Appbot also connects to Zapier, opening up hundreds of other possibilities like sending reviews straight to JIRA or Salesforce.

Don’t take our word for it…

"10/10. Allows me to easily keep track of reviews — especially after a release."
Rory Smyth Photo

Rory Smyth, Senior Product Designer

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"Appbot was recommended to me from another team at Adobe. Love how responsive to requests you are. Makes a big difference!"
Sebastian Labs Photo

Sebastian Labs, Senior Engineering Manager

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"10/10. Very personal service - team always on hand to go the extra mile for you and answer questions"
Nicola McCoy Photo

Nicola McCoy, Product Manager

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"We chose Appbot because of word of mouth, told it was the best product for reviewing App Store & Play Console ratings / reviews and analysing them."
Ollie Hayward Photo

Ollie Hayward, Product Specialist

Discovery Logo
"Appbot has seriously changed how our entire company views our product and has been a huge morale booster. The feature that has really stuck with everyone is the weekly report card and daily stream of app store reviews into a Slack channel. We've opened up the channel to the whole company to increase transparency and folks LOVE it."
Kyle Roderick Photo

Kyle Roderick, UI/UX Designer

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"Appbot provides us with some great visibility of App performance across platforms."
Nick Wiles Photo

Nick Wiles, Head of Experience Design

Atom Logo
"We are loving the tool: it’s offered so many data insights for the team, instead of advising our stakeholders on the basis of hunches / gut feel or by going through all data manually."
Patricia Doest Photo

Patricia Doest, Head of Player Experience

spillgames Logo
"Appbot is one of the most cost-effective investments Anthem makes. The data is rock-solid and with my 'subscriptions' to ourselves and our competitors, I can see feedback in real time."
Douglas Forshey Photo

Douglas Forshey,
Director of Digital Analytics & VOC

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