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Over 25% of the Fortune 100 and 35% of top charting app developers use Appbot

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Improve App ratings & reviews faster, with Apple app store analysis

It's no secret that app reviews contain a wealth of useful feedback about your app, but making sense of that feedback at scale is challenging. Appbot makes it easy to see what matters most to your iOS app users by separating bug reports from feature requests, complaints from comments on usability, and much more.

Appbot's proprietary sentiment analysis AI has been trained on over 400 million records of real customer feedback. Appbot sentiment analysis for iOS app reviews can understand the idiosyncrasies of app reviews (like emoji and abbreviations), and offers world-class accuracy.

Combine sentiment analysis with natural language processing and you'll begin to understand what drives your user sentiment on the Apple App Store, without reading each review manually.

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Reply to App Store reviews and watch your ratings improve

It’s no secret that companies that reply to app reviews typically see a real improvement in star ratings. Managing replying to App Store reviews can be tricky though. Many customers tell us of the headaches they experience getting access to App Store Connect for their customer support team, not to mention the challenges they have in tracking whether replying to reviews really impacts ratings.

Appbot can help. Appbot team members can reply to iOS reviews from right inside Appbot, and Appbot provides advanced reporting around the effect replies are having on your star ratings. Take the guesswork out of replying to reviews on the App Store and analyze which replies made the biggest impact so you can prioritize better. Reply in Appbot is available on the Large plan and higher.

API connections

App Store reviews & ratings API

Appbot’s RESTful JSON API offers total flexibility in handling your App Store reviews. Our customers’ favorite use cases for the API are:

  • Connecting to business intelligence tools, like Tableau
  • Building a custom integration with third party software
  • Building their own custom reports, across multiple app stores
  • The Appbot API allows you to extract all the analytics for each review as well - Topics, Tags, Sentiment and more.

    Save your team hours each week and level up the value you extract from your app reviews. To request access to the API during your free trial just reach out on the contact us page.

Sentiment analysis tells you what users think,
natural language processing tells you why.

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    iOS app review sentiment analysis

    Appbot offers world-class sentiment analysis for mobile app reviews from all major app stores, including iOS. Clear sentiment visualizations make it easy to monitor how users are responding to the changes you make to your app.

  • Surface Common Words, Phrases, Topics Icon

    Surface common Words & Topics

    Want to know how many bug reports you received after your last version release? Or perhaps what the sentiment is for reviews that mention your newest feature? Answer these questions and more in minutes with Appbot.

  • Send Reviews Icon

    Send reviews to the tools your team live in

    Appbot helps you send iOS reviews to the parts of your company where they're most useful via our integrations with popular tools like Slack, Zendesk & Zapier. Filter what you send to each integration by stars, Topics and more, and keep everyone in the loop.

  • Address Complaints Faster Icon

    Address complaints faster

    Automatically group complaints together, with Topics that translate across to Slack, Zendesk and other integrations so your support team can impress with lightning fast replies.

  • Fine-tune your Advocacy Icon

    Fine-tune your advocacy marketing

    Surface the most positive, descriptive reviews amongst your 5-star feedback. Leverage knowledge of the features users love most in your marketing, and nurture your relationships with power users.

  • Beyond iOS App Icon

    Appbot goes beyond App Store reviews

    Apply Appbot's sentiment, keyword and topic analysis tools across all app store reviews, not just iOS app reviews. Appbot can also analyze product reviews from giving you a centralized overview of the voice of your customer.

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Our sentiment analysis and natural language processing tools have been trained on over 400 million records of short-form user feedback. Our tools can interpret the nuanced language you'll commonly find in app reviews & product reviews without skipping a beat.

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