Features that supercharge your customer experience

Voice of the Customer software to help companies analyze app reviews, NPS, support tickets, social and much more.

Sentiment Analysis

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Appbot's AI-powered sentiment analysis helps your team see what customers really think of your product or service.

We automatically fetch your user feedback to provide you with near real-time sentiment analysis across app reviews, social media, user surveys, in-app feedback and more. Appbot also offers insights into the keywords and topics that are driving sentiment around your products, without reading each piece of customer feedback manually.

Natural Language Processing

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Get actionable insights into the words and topics that are powering customer sentiment for your brand, without reading support tickets, app reviews or survey results manually.

Use natural language processing to see what delights customers, what frustrates them and how the changes you make to your product or service are received.

Review Monitoring

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Customize your Appbot account so you receive as many or as few alerts about your app and Amazon product reviews as you need.

Our sentiment & text analysis tools make it easy to analyze the content of reviews without reading them individually. Perfect if you receive a high volume of reviews each day.


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The Appbot Google Play review API and iOS app review API gives you complete flexibility in monitoring and reporting your app store review tracking.

Our app review API offers the app store review tracking flexibility to fetch your reviews across all major app store platforms from a single source. Appbot supports the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Windows Mobile & PC stores and Amazon App Store right out of the box.


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Appbot offers a range of integrations to help you close the customer feedback loop by taking the voice of your customer right into the tools your team already uses. Send your feedback data to popular messaging tools like Slack, CRMs like Zendesk, or hundreds of other tools like JIRA and Salesforce via Zapier.

Enjoy in-line translations to English, and convenient links to make replying easier. Filter the reviews you send to each service by sentiment, star rating, country, language or topic, and align your whole company around customer feedback in just a few clicks!