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Billed annually or $49 billed monthly
1 User
  • All standard features


Billed annually or $99 billed monthly
3 Users
  • All standard features

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  • All standard features
  • Export to CSV & Excel
  • Reply In Appbot
  • Reply in Integrations

  • Tableau Data Connector


Billed annually only
20+ Users
  • All standard features
  • Export to CSV & Excel
  • Reply in Appbot
  • Reply in Integrations
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Basic Procurement Support
  • Optional Invoice Billing
  • Optional API Access
  • Tableau Data Connector
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Plans that grow with your business

Start out monitoring & analyzing reviews solo on the Small plan and scale up to more seats and advanced features as you need them.

Annual Billing Save up to 33%$39 / month$79 / monthFrom $149 / monthFrom $449 / month
Month-to-month$49 / month$99 / monthFrom $199 / month

Core Options


The number of seats per plan

137+? 20+ ?


Number of unique apps, products or other sources your Appbot team can track


Automated Translations

Number of reviews or other items of feedback translated per month

300 / month1,500 / month3,000 / month3,000+ / month?

Advanced Features

Export to CSV & Excel →

Export data in CSV or XSLX format

Reply in Appbot →New

Reply to iOS & Google Play reviews from within Appbot

Reply in Integrations →New

Reply to iOS & Google Play reviews from Zendesk & Freshdesk

API Access →

Export data programmatically via a RESTful JSON API

Paid Add-onPaid Add-on
Tableau Data Connector →

Build your own review reports inside Tableau

With APIWith API

Basic Procurement Support

Up to 1 hour of our team's time to complete procurement documentation eg. security or vendor onboarding questionnaires

Invoice Billing →

Pay via Invoice rather than Credit Card

Single Sign-On (SSO) →

Integrate Appbot with your SAML 2.0 compatible SSO provider

Paid Add-on

Standard Features

Major App Stores & Amazon Reviews →

All plans allow you to monitor & analyze iOS, Google Play, Windows & Amazon app and product reviews

All Countries Included →

Reviews from all countries are always included for iOS, Google Play, Windows & Amazon app and product reviews

Continuous Fetch →

Sources fetched throughout the day. It's not quite real-time, but it's pretty close!

Review & Ratings Trends →

Visualize trends in your Reviews and Ratings by volume, average stars and more.

Email Reports →

Get useful summaries of your Sources sent via email daily or continuously, to stay informed, and reply faster.

Integrations →

Read and reply to reviews via Slack, HipChat, Microsoft Teams, Zendesk, Freshdesk & many more via Zapier.

Sentiment →

See how users feel about your app, products & brand. Pinpoint problems and highlight wins so you can improve faster.

Words, Topics, Custom Topics, Tags →

Use our built-in natural language processing, or configure your own with Custom Topics and Tags.

Custom Dashboards →

Monitor all the KPIs you care about on a single page, and schedule each dashboard to be emailed automatically.

Reply in Console →

Reply to customers faster using our deep links to each review in the app store. Use of reply links is unlimited.

Compare Sources

Compare sentiment and review trends across multiple sources

Answers to your questions

Are replies unlimited?

Yes! You can send as many replies as you wish per month. Each person who is replying to reviews will need an account on your Appbot team.

What are sources?

A source is a single app in a single app store, or a single Amazon product. For example, your iOS app and your Google Play app would count as 2 sources. Appbot fetches reviews for all countries for each source.

How many sources can I track?

You can track 5 sources on the Small plan, 40 on the Medium plan and 100 on the Large plan.

How are translations counted?

For each source you may choose to have non-English feedback translated to English. A translation is counted for each complete piece of feedback (eg. 1 review) that we translate. For team members tracking the same sources we count unique translations only.

Which credit cards do you accept?

We accept VISA, MasterCard and AMEX. Your details will be stored securely according to PCI data security standards.

Can I pay via invoice/ACH/check?

We offer invoice billing on annual Premium plans. We cannot issue invoices for the Small, Medium or Large plans - those plans are available via credit card purchase only. To enquire about an Premium plan please contact us.

Am I locked in?

Monthly plans offer total flexibility - cancel or downgrade your plan any time. Annual plans give you a chunky discount though!

What happens at the end of my trial?

You subscribe to a plan and we skip off into the sunset together! If you don’t fancy a romantic stroll with us your account simply becomes inactive.

Do you offer an API?

We sure do! API access is available as an add-on to the Large and Premium plans.
Contact us for more details.

Can we negotiate terms of service?

All Appbot plans, including Premium plans, are subject to the Appbot terms of service. Standardizing our terms is a key way we keep our pricing down so we have designed them to be very customer-friendly.

Can I get a live demo?

Appbot is designed to be super fast to set up and very simple to use. Our whole team is designed around this self-service principle and we therefore don't offer live demos. We have a great video demo that you can check out at your convenience though!

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