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Sentiment Analysis & monitoring
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Monitor and analyze the sentiment and content of your Amazon app reviews with world-class sentiment and natural language processing.

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Improve your Amazon app rating faster than ever

Appbot makes sense of the feedback you receive in Amazon app reviews with world-class sentiment analysis and natural language processing, designed specifically for reviews.

Surface bugs, feature requests, complaints and more without reading each Amazon app review individually. Use Appbot's sentiment tools to monitor and understand how customers are responding to the improvements you make to your Amazon app, and our keyword and topics analyses to see what's driving the sentiment.

Send your Amazon app reviews to Slack, Zendesk and many other popular tools so your team can respond to reviews faster, and stay informed about what's happening in the app store.

Sentiment analysis tells you what users think,
natural language processing tells you why.

  • Amazon marketplace app review sentiment analysis

    Easily measure the positive or negative response to changes you make to your apps with Appbot sentiment analysis. Our sentiment analysis has been specifically trained on 400 million app reviews, and understands peculiarities like emoji and abbreviations.

  • Surface common Words & Topics

    Get answers faster using Appbot's natural language processing tools. Want to know what the sentiment is for reviews that mention your newest feature? Or how many bugs were reported in Amazon app reviews this month? With Appbot you'll know the answer in just a few clicks.

  • Send reviews to the tools your team live in

    Appbot offers integrations with all your favorite tools like Slack, Zendesk and Zapier. Send bug reports direct to your technical team, pricing comments to marketing, low star rating reviews to Zendesk and much more.

  • Address complaints faster

    Spot problems before they affect your Amazon marketplace app store star rating. Appbot automatically categorizes complaints in a number of different ways, to ensure your support team are always ahead of the game.

  • Fine-tune your advocacy marketing

    Locate your biggest advocates via your Amazon app reviews, using Appbot's automated text analytics. Proactively reach out to your superfans to drive positive word of mouth even further.

  • Appbot goes beyond Amazon app reviews

    Apply Appbot's sentiment, keyword and topic analysis tools across all app store reviews, not just Amazon app reviews. Appbot can also analyze product reviews from and much more, giving you a centralized overview of the voice of your customer.

Why choose Appbot for Amazon app review management?

First 14 days are on us

No credit card required, so you can test Appbot without any upfront commitment. We think you will love it!

Set-up in minutes

No need to invest hours getting started. Appbot is designed to be simple and self-service, so you can be up and running quickly. Use our templated dashboards and NLP models, until you're confident about investing the time to create your own.

Proprietary sentiment and NLP tools

Our sentiment analysis and natural language processing tools have been trained on over 400 million reviews. Our tools can interpret the nuanced language you'll commonly find in app reviews & product reviews without skipping a beat.

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Getting started with Amazon app reviews in Appbot


Create your Appbot account. You'll be on a 14-day free trial automatically.


Choose Amazon from the apps section of the Add Source page when it opens.


Search for the Amazon app you're interested in and hit "add" to start tracking it.


Rinse and repeat for the other apps & Amazon products you want to add.

Who uses Appbot?

Appbot is used by thousands of companies around the world, including 35% of the world's top app developers, and 25% of the Fortune 100.

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