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App review tools for product managers

Published 24th November, 2016 by Stuart Hall App review tools for product managers diagram

Appbot's offers app review tools for product managers including automated, custom reports on app rating, review sentiment and more.

Appbot can save you hours each month by automating the production of beautifully formatted, interactive PDF reports.Whilst each company has it's own areas of specific focus there are many reports that are heavily used by the majority of app product teams. We get to talk to a lot of different product managers at Appbot and get great insights into their reporting requirements.

Mobile app reporting requires a number of different app review tools. Bringing together the information from different services is what makes a great report.

In this post you will learn what product managers typically cover in their regular reports

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Appbot can help with insights into several, but not all, of these areas. The details you'll usually find in each section are outlined below...


Apps are such a chicken and egg problem. Downloads drive downloads. Downloads mean nothing without retention, engagement, and monetization. Still, downloads are the most important factor in rankings in top charts and search results.

Typical reporting includes:

Example app downloads reporting section

There are many great services that provide download figures, like App Annie (see screenshot above).


You aren't a real business without revenue. Pricing strategy is always a difficult one with a lot to consider. Revenue can come from many different places including paid downloads, in app purchases, subscriptions, advertising, affiliates, etc.

Typical reporting includes:

Example app revenue reporting section

Again, there are many great services that provide download figures. Our example above also comes from App Annie (now

Reviews, Ratings & Sentiment

We are a little biased because it's what we do at Appbot, but we believe happy users are the key to a successful app. Tracking and reporting on how users feel about the app over time gives a great picture of how your product is improving.

Ratings & reviews are also second only to downloads in influencing the top charts and search rankings.

Appbot sentiment dashboard

Typical reporting includes:

Of course (shameless plug!) Appbot is the best choice for sentiment and review reporting - you can see an example of the type of Sentiment report we can product for your app in minutes, above.

Engagement & retention

There isn't a lot of point getting all those downloads if users don't stick around. Things such as time spent in the app, opens per day, etc can have a huge impact on the success of the product.

Example engagement and retention reporting section

Typical reporting includes:

Example engagement and retention metrics

Google Analytics or Mixpanel are popular tools for engagement and retention reporting for apps.

Update / release reporting

Moving fast with releases and updates is key to any mobile app, but measuring the impact of updates on the happiness of the end user is essential to making sure you are moving in the right direction.

Select an app review tool that covers:

Example version and release reporting dashboard

You'll need Appbot for this mobile app reporting amazingness 🙂

Reply statistics

Replying to reviews is essential for happy customers. However, 97% of developers ignore them. Would you ignore support requests in another medium?

Example reply statistics reporting

Typical reporting includes:

Example impact of replies on ratings

You'll want Appbot for managing and reporting on replies.


Acquiring new users doesn't just happen magically. Typical reporting includes:

This information needs to be gathered from different advertising platforms and social media sites.


The majority of product managers say a key component of their job is deciding what to put in the app next. Correctly prioritizing features and fixes is extremely important for happy users and continued growth.

Surfacing topics of reviews

Typically, product managers will rely on app review tools that can surface:

Surfacing words in reviews

To roadmap effectively you'll need a tool that generates quantitative insights like (shameless plug!) Appbot as well as your customer support CRM.

Choosing the right app review tools is key to your success

Selecting the best app review tools is critical for every product manager of a mobile app. Understanding and communicating the progress and trajectory of an app benefits the entire team.

Look for tools that offer customizable reporting and, ideally, some level of automation to ensure you can focus your efforts on analysis and implementation, rather than number crunching.

Want to use the ultimate app review monitoring, tracking, and reply tool?

Join over 25% of the Fortune 100 and 35% of the top charting app developers using Appbot.

Try Appbot, free for 14 days →

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Stuart is Co-founder & Co-CEO of Appbot. Stuart has been involved in mobile as a developer, blogger and entrepreneur since the early days of the App Store. He built the 7 Minute Workout app in one night and blogged the story of growing the app to 2.3 million downloads before exiting to a large fitness device company. Previously he was the co-founder of the Discovr series of applications which achieved over 4 million downloads. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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