Get inside users’ minds.
Make better product decisions, fast.

Monitor and analyze iOS, Google Play, Amazon and Windows app store user reviews worldwide, effortlessly.

App store review analysis in minutes, not days

Instantly see what app store reviews are about without lifting a finger. Make better, faster decisions about your product roadmap, based on the feedback and sentiment of real users.

Get right down to the details...

We’ll measure the most popular words in your app reviews, so you can see trends right away. Identify new ideas, feature requests, and user experience issues that are significant for app users, but not always obvious to developers.

…without losing sight of the big picture

Appbot provides fully automated, easy-to-understand sentiment analysis for mobile app reviews. Monitor your Appbot Sentiment Score, and measure trends in user sentiment, review volume and star rating over time so you can see what users think of changes you make to your apps.

Add app store user reviews to your existing workflow

Appbot makes it easy to share app store user reviews and insights, even if your developers want to read app reviews in HipChat, your customer support team need to reply to Google Play reviews via Freshdesk, and the product team wants to see app reviews in Slack. Selected Appbot plans offer access for 3 or more users too, so everyone can report on reviews when they need to.

  • Integrate your favorite tools
  • Incorporate in to your existing workflow
  • Easily share public reviews on social media

Get everyone on the same page

Appbot plans are made to fit teams of every size. Connecting your team to your Appbot account saves hours in communications, and keeps everyone focussed on improving your apps.

Provide better customer support

Appbot makes it so simple to reply to Google Play users. 97% of apps don’t take advantage of the opportunity to use replies to connect with customers. Reply to users and stand out from the crowd, your users will thank you with higher star ratings!

  • Get reply links from integrations
  • Monitor the impact
  • Turn 1-star reviews to 5-stars

Unlock your data with our App Review API

Integrate Appbot with other tools

Using a CRM or Business Intelligence tool we don’t currently support? Use our app store review API to plug in Appbot data.

Build Customized Reports

Create multi-series charts to analyze app store reviews across app stores or compare date ranges. Build reports with aggregate data for several apps to benchmark groups of apps.

Centralize Your App Data

Understand the correlation between app store reviews and other data points like marketing spend, downloads and sales… or anything else you have a data set for!

All major app stores, worldwide

Appbot supports iOS, Mac, Google Play, Amazon and Windows app stores, on every plan. We monitor all countries, all the time - no matter which plan you choose.

We read every review, so you don’t have to

Find trends in minutes, not days. Our bots read every review and group them together based on topic, rating, sentiment and more. We’ll help you see the issues that matter to users the most, to keep your roadmap focussed and relevant.

Find and fix bugs faster than ever

Nothing says “we love you” to a user quite like solving a problem they reported. Put your reviews to work to help you identify and resolve issues before they start to affect your ratings and rankings.

Automated Product Reports

Do users like your big UI update? Was this version better than the last? Does it take you hours in spreadsheet purgatory to answer questions like these every month? Not any more. Tell our bots what you want to report on, then go treat yourself to a latte :)