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Voice of the Customer Analysis in minutes, not days!

So much feedback, so little time...

Reading, categorizing and distilling insights from all your sources of customer feedback is a serious challenge. It can be time consuming, human-resource intensive and prone to error.

Not any more.

Appbot uses cutting-edge AI to analyze all your customer feedback data. We'll group it together based on sentiment, trends in word and topic content, and produce beautiful visual reports to make it easy to digest.

What types of customer feedback can Appbot analyze?

Analyze any text based customer feedback channel quickly and easily. Some of our customers' favorites include:

  • Mobile app reviews
  • Product or location reviews
  • Customer support tickets
  • NPS responses
  • Social media mentions
  • CSAT and other survey responses

The Voice of Your Customer, right where you need it

Appbot offers easy-to-use tools to allow you to create beautiful visual dashboards for internal display. You can even schedule our dashboard reports to arrive in your inbox whenever you need them, or get weekly summaries sent to Slack.

They love you, they love you not

Appbot not only shows you trends in how your customers feel about your brand, it also shows you why.

  • Surface Topic trends in your customer feedback
  • Create your own Custom Topics so you can measure change
  • Dive deep on Sentiment
  • Visualize user Emotions over time

Start monitoring the Voice of Your Customer today

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Over 35% of Top Charting Apps Use Appbot.
10/10. Very personal service - team always on hand to go the extra mile for you and answer questions

Nicola McCoy

Product Manager @ trivago

Appbot provides us with some great visibility of App performance across platforms.

Nick Wiles

Head of Experience Design @ Atom bank

10/10. Allows me to easily keep track of reviews. Especially after a release

Rory Smyth

Senior Product Designer @ Zendesk