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Effective Xbox game development requires careful xbox review management and analysis. Appbot makes it easy!

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Track your Xbox Reviews Sentiment with Appbot.

Appbot makes review management easy by:

  • Automatically grouping reviews by topic
  • Analyzing the sentiment of your reviews
  • Generating powerful visualizations of review trends over time
  • Surfacing bugs and feature requests in reviews

Once you're tracking your Xbox game reviews with Appbot, you can access our range of powerful dashboards that allow you to view your review data in a variety of different ways. Use Appbot's tools to get notified about issues as soon as they arise and improve your product faster by understanding the trends in your review feedback.

Appbot Topics allows you to view collections of your xbox game reviews grouped according to the text content of each review. You can easily see which topics have the most reviews, which topics are showing a spike in recent mentions and which have positive and negative sentiment associated with them. This allows you to see at a glance which areas your app is doing well in and which areas there is room for improvement.

Appbot Sentiment shows you the breakdown of your Xbox review sentiment both in aggregate and over time. Compare your Xbox ganme sentiment to your competitors, and dig into your negative reviews to find opportunities to improve.

Use the Words tool to see what the most commonly used words in your reviews are, and create your own Custom Topics to monitor specific trends over time. Maybe you want to see the sentiment and star rating trends in reviews that mention a new feature. Maybe you want to group all the reviews about pricing, to make it easier to monitor. Appbot takes the legwork out of analyzing the content of your Xbox reviews.

Getting started only takes a few minutes:

  • Sign up for an Appbot free trial by clicking here.
  • Search the Windows store for your Xbox game. No authentication is needed.
  • Wait a few minutes while our bots collect and analyze your Xbox reviews.
  • Check out the Sentiment, Topics and trends in your reviews, and start improving!

Appbot takes the pain out of your xbox review management and helps you understand xbox reviews in minutes.

Over 35% of Top Charting Apps Use Appbot.
10/10. Very personal service - team always on hand to go the extra mile for you and answer questions

Nicola McCoy

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Appbot provides us with some great visibility of App performance across platforms.

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10/10. Allows me to easily keep track of reviews. Especially after a release

Rory Smyth

Senior Product Designer @ Zendesk