Improve your apps faster with
Frontapp & Appbot

Appbot offers automated sentiment analysis and natural language processing for emails in Frontapp, to help you identify opportunities to improve faster.

Get started in minutes. No credit card required.

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Analyze Frontapp emails as part of your Voice of the Customer program

Appbot makes adding Frontapp emails to your Voice of the Customer reporting easy. Connect Frontapp to Appbot to measure trends in sentiment over time. See the impact of changes and improvements to your apps and services through the eyes of your customers.

Automatically group your user feedback in Frontapp by category or keyword. Identify areas for improvement from data across all your Voice of the Customer channels including app reviews, Amazon product reviews, NPS responses and social media. Arm your support agents with cross-channel data that allows them to prioritize better and be more proactive.

Use Frontapp data to level-up your customer experience

  • Analyze conversation sentiment

    Appbot's plug-n-play sentiment analysis makes it easy to see how customers are responding to changes in your product or service over time. Spot shifts in sentiment early, and manage your online reputation more proactively than ever before.

  • Address complaints faster

    Isolate and prioritize complaints faster across multiple support channels, using Appbot's natural language processing. Delight customers with faster responses and more proactive resolution when problems occur.

  • Works with other Voice of the Customer tools

    View your Frontapp data as part of a bigger Voice of the Customer picture. Understand where your happiest or least satisfied users engage with you, and unearth strengths and weaknesses across all channels of feedback.

  • Surface common Words & Topics

    Improve accuracy and save hours with automated categorization of your Frontapp emails. Easily spot bugs and isolate feature requests. Leverage Appbot's ready-made Topics to get started quickly, or dive deep and create your own.

  • Fine-tune your advocacy marketing

    Automatically surface those customers that have the power to drive positive word of mouth for your product or service. Appbot makes it easy to find these special users, so you can nurture your relationship with them from day one.

Why choose Appbot & Frontapp?

First 14 days are on us

No credit card required, so you can test Appbot without any upfront commitment. We think you will love it!

Set-up in minutes

No need to invest hours getting started. Appbot is designed to be simple and self-service, so you can be up and running quickly. Use our templated dashboards and NLP models, until you're confident about investing the time to create your own.

Proprietary sentiment and NLP tools

Our sentiment analysis and natural language processing tools have been trained on over 400 million records of short-form user feedback. Our tools can interpret the nuanced language you'll commonly find in NPS comments, app reviews & social media without skipping a beat.

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Getting started with Appbot and Frontapp is easy


Sign up to Appbot. You'll be on a 14-day free trial of our flagship Large plan.


Once signed in choose Frontapp from the list of new Sources.


Follow the prompts to authenticate Frontapp with Appbot.


Within moments you'll see your Frontapp data neatly categorized by sentiment, keyword and topic.

Who uses Frontapp & Appbot?

Appbot is used by thousands of companies around the world, including 35% of the world's top app developers, and 25% of the Fortune 100.

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Track and better understand your support tickets.

You can also track App Reviews, Product Reviews, NPS Responses, Social Feeds, and many other types of customer feedback.