Sentiment analysis & Natural language processing API

Automate sending user feedback from anywhere to Appbot for sentiment analysis and natural language processing, using the Appbot API.

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Automatically import customer feedback from anywhere

Appbot offers a sentiment analysis and NLP API specifically designed to make sense of customer feedback. Import data into Appbot direct from your data warehouse, or from any compatible third party tool.

Appbot's proprietary AI has been trained on over 400 million records of short-form customer feedback, giving our sentiment and NLP tools the unique ability to make sense of the nuanced language customers use in app reviews, social media comments, NPS responses and more. Start improving your product faster by automatically surfacing it's strengths and weaknesses, as described by your customers.

One API for all your Voice of the Customer needs

  • Analyze customer feedback sentiment

    Import customer feedback from any source, including your data warehouse, for automated, real-time sentiment analysis via the Appbot API. Use Appbot's sentiment visualizations to understand how users are responding to changes in your product or service.

  • Address complaints faster

    Appbot automatically surfaces bugs and complaints from dissatisfied users, to help your customer support team prioritize replies to the users who need it most.

  • Works with other Voice of the Customer tools

    Appbot's API makes it possible to run the same Voice of the Customer reports on app reviews, product reviews, support tickets and any other types of feedback that you import via the API. Get the full picture on your brand's online reputation in one place.

  • Surface common Words & Topics

    Automatically categorize your user feedback with Appbot's natural language processing tools. Leverage Appbot's premade Topics to get started in minutes, or create your own.

  • Fine-tune your advocacy marketing

    Identify your most avid fans across all your customer feedback channels without manual tagging. Spot opportunities to strengthen your relationships with your existing brand advocates.

Why choose Appbot for Sentiment & NLP?

Create your trial account in Appbot

No credit card required, so you can test Appbot without any upfront commitment. Once you've signed up email to request API access during your trial.

Set-up in minutes

No need to invest hours getting started. Appbot is designed to be simple and self-service, so you can be up and running quickly. Use our templated dashboards and NLP models, until you're confident about investing the time to create your own.

Proprietary sentiment and NLP tools

Our sentiment analysis and natural language processing tools have been trained on over 400 million records of short-form user feedback. Our tools can interpret the nuanced language you'll commonly find in NPS comments, app reviews & social media without skipping a beat.

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How to get started with the Appbot API


Create an Appbot account to start your 14-day free trial.


Once you've signed up email to request API access during your trial.


After API has been enabled select API from the list of new Sources.


Follow our simple docs to start pushing any customer feedback you like into Appbot.

Who uses Appbot?

Appbot is used by thousands of companies around the world, including 35% of the world's top app developers, and 25% of the Fortune 100.

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