Appbot supports a range of Sources of user feedback

Learn more about the types of user feedback Appbot can analyze including app reviews, social media, NPS surveys, support tickets & more.

App Reviews & Ratings

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App reviews and ratings are where we earnt our sentiment analysis and natural language processing stripes. We support all the major mobile app stores; iOS, Google Play, Windows and Amazon.

Appbot not only provides analysis of the sentiment, words and topics in your reviews, we also track overall ratings. Appbot is used by over 35% of the world's top charting apps, and helps each of those teams ensure they're building what customers want and need.

Support Tickets

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Want to know how many bug reports you've received in your support helpdesk in the last 30 days? Or which agent receives responses that are most positive in sentiment? Or perhaps you want to learn what your most common complaints are...

Appbot can help with all these questions and many more. Our AI-driven sentiment analysis allows you to visualize trends in user sentiment in your helpdesk enquiries, and natural language processing tools reveal the top keywords and topics in minutes. Take a data-driven approach to optimizing your customer experience today.

NPS Responses

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Monitoring trends in your NPS score is mission critical in today's competitive landscape, but the numeric score is only part of the picture. By analyzing the comments attached to NPS responses your team will begin to understand the positive and negative comments driving the numbers.

Appbot's sentiment analysis and natural language processing tools make it easy to understand NPS responses in aggregate, without reading each one individually. Save hours in manual classification, and empower your team to give customers the changes they're asking for.

Amazon Products

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Appbot makes it easy to monitor your Amazon product reviews via your favourite tools, like Slack, Zendesk & Zapier. We fetch new Amazon product reviews throughout the day to help you reply faster and stay informed about what your customers are saying online.

Appbot also enriches your understanding of Amazon reviews using our proprietary sentiment analysis technology, built and trained specifically to handle the nuanced language found in reviews and short-form feedback. Add in our natural language processing, and Appbot will be your secret weapon in product development.

Custom Sources

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Make data-driven improvements to your customer experience with powerful sentiment, keyword and topic analysis for any format you require.

Social Media

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Engaging with your customers on social media has never been more important or valuable for feedback-centric companies. Appbot takes your understanding of your social channels to a new level, without manual categorization or guesswork.

Our AI-powered sentiment analysis and natural language processing tools have been trained on large bodies of short-form customer feedback, so they can accurately analyze the nuanced language used on social media. Show your customers that you are truly listening, without reading each comment individually.