Analyze reviews from all major app stores & or import your own data

Appbot is an app review & product review analysis platform, with options to import other types of feedback

App Reviews & Ratings

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App reviews and ratings are where we earnt our sentiment analysis and natural language processing stripes. We support all the major mobile app stores; iOS, Google Play, Windows and Amazon.

Appbot not only provides analysis of the sentiment, words and topics in your reviews, we also track overall ratings. Appbot is used by over 35% of the world's top charting apps, and helps each of those teams ensure they're building what customers want and need.

Amazon Products

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Appbot makes it easy to monitor your Amazon product reviews via your favourite tools, like Slack, Zendesk & Zapier. We fetch new Amazon product reviews throughout the day to help you reply faster and stay informed about what your customers are saying online.

Appbot also enriches your understanding of Amazon reviews using our proprietary sentiment analysis technology, built and trained specifically to handle the nuanced language found in reviews and short-form feedback. Add in our natural language processing, and Appbot will be your secret weapon in product development.