Slack integration for Google Play and iOS app reviews

With Appbot and Slack Google Play and iOS reviews become more actionable than ever.

Why use Appbot with Slack?

Super-quick set up for integrating Slack Google Play reviews, iOS reviews and more

Integrating iOS and Google Play app reviews with Slack via Appbot takes minutes, and it's free to try for the first 14 days. After you have set up the Slack integration, we will begin posting your iOS and Google Play reviews to your chosen Slack channels. By using Appbot to monitor your reviews for iOS & Google Play, Slack even becomes a convenient way to manage your replies via the Quick Reply links!

Support for all major app stores

Appbot supports the following app stores in all countries:

  • Google Play
  • iOS
  • Amazon
  • Windows

Share reviews with everyone in your team, automatically!

Choose which reviews you want to share in each channel.

  • Keep everyone engaged by sending relevant reviews to each team. Send app reviews about bugs to your developers and your feature requests to your product team.
  • Filter the reviews you send by star ratings, the content of the reviews, or the country or language of the reviewer.
  • Set up multiple rules for each of your apps to send your reviews to Slack.
  • Setting up this integration ensures that the management of your app reviews becomes part of your core support workflow.

Reviews are translated to English automatically

See each review's translation in-line in Slack.

Get inside users' minds

Appbot helps your team understand what users think of your apps. Appbot provides deep insights into user sentiment and review content to make improving your app easier than ever.

Appbot also works with your other business tools

Appbot also works with other popular tools and CRMs like Zendesk,, Freshdesk, Salesforce, Trello, Yammer and more. Click here to find out more.

Our aim is to take the pain out of managing your slack google play reviews and enable you to provide better support to your customers. With Appbot, you can keep your product development roadmap focussed on the things that matter the most to your customers.

If you need any further assistance to track reviews slack google play, don’t hesitate to contact us at with any questions or check out our FAQ section here.

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