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We'd like you to join our awesome software development team. At Appbot, we create software that is used everyday by the teams creating mobile apps on your phone right now; companies like BMW, Strava, Microsoft and thousands more.

We have a small, highly valued team who love their work because they get to be in the engine room and have flexibility in what they work on in a balanced and casual work environment.

We are looking for an experienced developer with solid skills in Ruby on Rails and React (or experienced enough that you can learn super fast). You'll be writing and testing code across our full stack.

The right person will enjoy having scope for lateral thinking and takes an experiment-based approach to testing new ideas. We’re looking for someone who is excited about having strategic input but also enjoys being in the engine room getting s#!t done.


We're looking for someone who meets most of the following criteria:

πŸ’»   has worked as a full time developer for 2+ years
πŸ’Ž   familiar with Ruby on Rails and/or React
☁️   knows their way around AWS
πŸ§ͺ   knows the value of writing tests
πŸ’ͺ   is a strong problem solver
πŸ‘£   is a fast learner who can think on their feet
🎧   is motivated, and able to work both autonomously and within a team
πŸ—£   is a good communicator
🌎   is living and able to work in Perth, Australia. We are currently predominantly working from home with regular, in-person catch ups
✨   cares about the strangers who will maintain their code

The Company

Our mission is to empower companies to align their people and processes around feedback driven growth and we have a passionate team of developers, designers and marketers helping us to achieve that.

We are proudly bootstrapped and growing fast.

We want to hire people who care about their trade and (when at work) are ready to be invested deeply in Appbot's success, but we don't think that should be at the expense of a healthy and normal work-life balance.

We work hard to be open and approachable, and for now we have a very hierarchy-free vibe (though we know that that will have to evolve as we grow).

We're obsessed with making our product world-class, and building a company that can grow sustainably. Our customer's success is our success.


  • Work flexibility - hours and location
  • Generous personal development budget
  • Profit share - share in our success
  • Market rate salaries - we don't believe we should pay you less just because we are a startup
  • Team days - once every 8 weeks we get together and take an afternoon off to have lunch and do a fun activity

The Recruitment Process

We try and keep our hiring process as transparent and simple as possible. Here's how it usually goes:

  1. Short interview via video conference
  2. Main interview
  3. Small at home technical task
  4. Meet the team
  5. Reference checks
  6. Offer
  7. Starting - we buddy you up with a team member that matches you well to get you up and going

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower companies to align their people and processes around feedback driven growth.

Our Values


We are funded by our customers. We own our destiny, and build long term relationships with our customers.


We believe the best companies grow within their means and at a sustainable rate. We want to stand the test of time.


We think life isn't all about work. A good work life balance is important for our mental health, families and the quality of output from our jobs.


We work hard to make small and constant improvements to Appbot and ourselves. We believe many small improvements add up over time.


Build with speed in mind, both long and short term. Implement, measure and iterate as frequently as possible. Ship small things often.


Talk openly about what you care about and the problems you are dealing with. Get feedback to get better.

Feedback Driven

Proactively seek feedback. Consider each comment alone, as well as in aggregate. Prioritize the success of many over the success of individuals. We apply this principle to our own work, the things we choose to build, and the way we engage with customers.


Have a read through our website, and apply through Seek.

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