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Amazon App Store Reviews API

Retrieve your Amazon app store reviews via our API and build custom dashboards and reports to suit your needs.

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Why you’ll love Appbot’s Amazon App Store API

The Appbot API allows total flexibility in analyzing and monitoring your Amazon app and product reviews. You can also fetch reviews from other major app store platforms like iOS, Google Play and Microsoft all from one single source.

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Create your own reports with our app store reviews API

Build reports to suit your needs by connecting with business intelligence tools like Tableau, custom integration with third party software and your own custom reports, across multiple app stores. Extract all the analytics for each review as well, including Topics, Tags, Sentiment and more.

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Monitor your reviews closely...

  • Monitor changes in review volume
  • Monitor changes in review sentiment and address issues better.
  • ...Or monitor any other review data point Appbot collects
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Third Party Integration

  • Push your Amazon app review data into other systems you use every day
  • Cross-reference the app review data you get from Appbot with other data sources
  • Push reviews into CRMs or business intelligence tools that Appbot doesn't have a native integration for

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Which Appbot plans offer API access?

For a flat monthly fee, Appbot’s Amazon review API is available as an add-on to the Large & Enterprise plans. If you’d like to learn more about pricing of the app store reviews API, please contact us.

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