About Us

How we came about and why we do what we do

It started with a bot

At Appbot we love apps. We want to use better apps. We believe the best apps evolve based on user feedback.

We created Appbot, so you don’t have to dig through user feedback manually to understand it. Now you can know what users want in minutes rather than days.

Appbot was born out of our own need to manage app reviews. Our team have created mobile apps used by millions of people leaving more reviews than we could possibly keep up with.

Appbot initially just served our need to service our own apps. Before we knew it thousands of amazing apps were using Appbot. Now the worlds top apps like Pinterest and Evernote use Appbot to understand what their users want so they can plan their roadmap. We hope you love it as much as they do.

We proudly started out of Perth, Australia and have grown into a global company.

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