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August 8, 2023 New Feature
Amazon Review Limits

Amazon has recently limited the number of reviews that are available to be fetched to the most recent 100 reviews only.

April 4, 2023 New Feature
Introducing AI Replies

AI Replies

The latest addition to our suite of app review management tools. This isn't even public yet, but we wanted to give our customers access asap - we'll be revealing more details soon!

You can now generate personalized, human-like responses to app reviews quickly and accurately, without sacrificing quality or personalization. Connect and link up your app store accounts to get started (Large & Premium plans only).

April 4, 2023 Fix
Custom Sources final deprecation

Over the past 2 years we have shared several updates concerning the removal of our Custom Sources functionality. The most recent was in November 2021, where all users were advised that the features would be completely removed during 2023. From April 11th 2023, you will no longer be able to import new data into existing Custom Sources. The Custom Sources will still be visible in your account for the time being.

March 3, 2023 New Feature

Once on a plan with SSO, you can now set it up without help from our team!

Self Serve SSO

Once you are on a plan with SSO head to the SSO page to upload your metadata.

January 1, 2023 New Feature
SSO now available as an add-on for Large plans and above

Happy 2023, Appbot users! Just a quick message to let you know that you can now upgrade annual Large plan accounts to use SSO - a feature previously only available to Premium plan customers. Just select it in the checkout, and follow the steps! SSO self-serve
Add SSO to your annual Large plan >>

November 11, 2022 Fix
Reviews for Microsoft apps and games fixed

Good news! Public reviews for Microsoft (apps and games) work again. Add your Microsoft apps and games now.

November 11, 2022 Fix
Custom Sources deprecation

Back in February 2021 we added notices throughout Appbot and our support knowledge base to notify users that Custom Sources were being deprecated in 2022. Custom Sources refers to the group of features that allowed you to import feedback into Appbot, other than app and Amazon reviews. These features were hidden from new users, and only accessible to teams who were already using them, like your Appbot team. As of this week, you can no longer add new Custom Sources to your Appbot account. At present you can still update the data in existing Custom Sources if you have them, but this will be removed in the coming months. We will notify you once more when the features are completely disabled. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at

November 11, 2022 New Feature
Show reviews with no matching Custom Topic, Tag and/or Topic

We've had a number of requests to be able to find reviews that haven't been tagged or haven't been classified with a Custom Topic. Now you can in the filter pane:


Check it out on the Reviews Page.

October 10, 2022 Improvement
Google introduces public reviews and ratings moderation

On the 9 September 2022 Google announced that for public app ratings and reviews there will now be a delay of around 24 hours to moderate for any suspicious activity.

Google Announcement

Find more information about the differences between private and public ratings for Google here

August 8, 2022 New Feature
Reply to reviews in CRMs like Salesforce, Kustomer, Front, Intercom, Helpscout & many more

Replying from your CRM saves your support team hours every day by allowing them to handle reviews as another support channel.

Reply to reviews in CRMs

This feature is available on the Large plan and higher. Learn more >>

July 7, 2022 New Feature
💬 Reply to reviews from within Slack

Our Slack integration now allows you to reply from within Slack itself, if you are on a Large plan and higher. Just click the Reply button beside any review, enter your reply text into the popup and hit Submit! Slack replies in action

For details on how to enable Reply in Slack check out our support guide here.

May 5, 2022 New Feature
Reply in Freshdesk now publicly available!

After so many requests for this feature we're very excited to share that Appbot's Freshdesk integration now allows you to reply from within Freshdesk! This feature is available on the Large plan and higher. If you're on a smaller plan, why not upgrade for a month or two and try it out? We're confident it will save your team so much time as to pay for itself within days.

Reply in Freshdesk now live

To get started, make sure you're on a Large plan or higher and then follow this guide very carefully.

March 3, 2022 New Feature
Reply in Freshdesk Beta

We are excited to open up our beta testing for native Freshdesk review replies. The functionality will be available on Large plans and above.

If you are interested in being a beta tester, please contact us. Please note that beta testing will be limited and preference will be given to paid users on Large plans and above.

March 3, 2022 Improvement
Sentiment updates throughout Appbot

Mixed and neutral reviews are now displayed everywhere that you see a sentiment breakdown in Appbot. We've also made improvements to the visual accuracy of several charts!
Sentiment Improvements in Appbot
See it in action >>

February 2, 2022 New Feature
Canned Replies for Reply in Appbot!

Do you find typing the same thing over and over again really boring? We do too! We've just launched Canned Replies to save you from having to do just that. Now you can save all your most common responses to reviews and they will be available across your Appbot team when you use Reply in Appbot.
Canned Replies in Appbot
Learn more about how Canned Replies work here >>

January 1, 2022 Improvement
Google Play Ratings Per Country

In November 2021 Google changed the way ratings worked to make them specific to countries. We have now changed the way Appbot works to match these changes.

Google Play Ratings

You can read more details on how per country ratings work here.

December 12, 2021 New Feature
🎉 Filter persistence improvements 🎉

Filter pane selections are now persistent across the app, with a few super-tricky exceptions (which we're still working on). Bear in mind that some filter options like country and language are specific to iOS or Google Play, and these won't persist if you change the source type.
Head to your account and try it out >>

December 12, 2021 Improvement
Appbot and Log4j CVE-2021-44228

Last week a serious vulnerability, CVE-2021-44228, was disclosed in the Java-based logging package Log4j. We've performed an audit on our internal software and infrastructure, and we have no instances of Log4j in use directly. We use a number of services from AWS and other cloud vendors and are actively patching and monitoring them.

If you have any further questions please contact us.

November 11, 2021 Improvement
Hide usernames in Integrations

You can now anonymize the reviews that you send to Appbot Integrations, giving you more control over where your users' personally identifiable information is sent. To enable it, head to Integrations in the left menu, then hit Edit for the integration you would like to enable it on. Anonymize usernames in integrations

October 10, 2021 Improvement
Updated Appbot DPA

We’re writing to let you know that we’ve updated Appbot’s Data Processing Agreement (DPA) incorporating new Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs).

We recommend reading through the updated terms for yourself, but here’s a summary:

  • We made changes to our DPA to more clearly define the roles and responsibilities of you as the customer and our responsibility as Appbot. Additionally, we have new Controller-to-Controller and Controller-to-Processor Schedules in our DPA for you to review.
  • We have included the new versions of the SCCs within our updated DPA.
  • We’ve updated our Sub-Processor list.

The updated DPA will take effect immediately, and your team’s continued usage of our platform will be considered consent to the updated Data Processing Agreement.

August 8, 2021 New Feature
Reply to iOS and Google Play Reviews Directly in Zendesk!

We are really excited to launch replying to iOS and Google Play reviews directly in Zendesk. No more visiting the console or deep links!

Reply in Zendesk

This feature is now available for all users on the Large plan and above. Learn how to get started with Reply in Zendesk here >>

August 8, 2021 Improvement
Multi Select Countries & Languages

You can now select more than one country (language on Google Play). Really useful when you want to drill into specific regions.

Multi Select Counries

Check it out on most pages in Appbot >>

March 3, 2021 Improvement
Deltas on Ratings Dashboard Widgets!

Ratings widgets now show the delta from the start to the end of the period next to the current value.


Check it out on Dashboards >>

March 3, 2021 New Feature
Connect your App Store Connect Account to Appbot!

You can now connect your App Store Connect account to Appbot. This enables you fetch the complete review history, including replies, for your iOS apps.

App Store Connect

Check it out now >>

March 3, 2021 New Feature
Reply to iOS & Google Play Reviews in Appbot!

After a successful limited beta, we are excited that you can now reply to iOS and Google Play reviews from within Appbot - no need to visit the console! 

This feature is available on Large plans and above.

Replies in Appbot

Start replying >>

March 3, 2021 Improvement
Updated Appbot Terms of Service March 2021

We’ve just updated our terms to make sure you are covered with our new replies features. Check them out here >>

February 2, 2021 Improvement
iOS & Google Play Replies in Appbot - calling for testers

As a result of long-standing demand, we have been working on making it possible for you to reply to iOS and Google Play reviews from within Appbot - no need to visit the console! 

We are looking for a limited number of customers who would like early access, to help with testing and early feedback.

Replies in Appbot

To participate shoot us an email with the text “Request beta access” via our contact page. Be sure to use the email address you use for your Appbot account.

January 1, 2021 New Feature
New team source management tools

Team leaders now have the ability to remove sources from the team (i.e. users other than themselves). This is a great way to stay on top of the number of sources tracked by your team. Manage Team Sources

Try it now >>

December 12, 2020 New Feature
Huge upgrades to our Tableau integration

Appbot's Tableau integration now boasts a host of new features. In addition to sending Reviews to Tableau, the new integration allows you to send Ratings, Words, Sentiment, Topics, Custom Topics and Tags. The Appbot Tableau integration is available on Appbot plans that include API.

You'll need to be running Tableau 2019.4 or higher to use the new features. If you are a Large or Enterprise customer without API access you can request an API trial by using our contact form.
Tableau integration upgrade
If you are already an API customer, please head over here for instructions >>

November 11, 2020 Fix
Google Play Deep Link Change

On November 2, 2020 Google launched the redesigned Google Play Console which requires a new deep link format. For each app you have linked in Appbot, you will need to add this information. You will be prompted to do so the first time you attempt to reply:

Google Play Deep Links

Read more about about the change >>

November 11, 2020 Improvement
Updated Appbot Terms of Service Nov 2020

We’ve just updated our terms, to make them better for you! Our new terms include improved confidentiality provisions for customers.

Check them out here >>

October 10, 2020 New Feature
Team Custom Topics widget on Dashboards

Teams have told us that they're relying on Custom Topics more and more, and need better visibility into Team Custom Topics from Dashboards. Our new widget gives you just that - a new widget that will display results from the top Team Custom Topics team-custom-topics

Try it now >>

August 8, 2020 Improvement
New, super quick workflow for adding iOS & Google Play apps

Ever found it annoying to add apps to your account one at a time? Yep, we did too! We've changed the way you search for Google Play and iOS apps to make it much quicker. Now you can:
- Search by publisher name or app name
- Search for iOS and Google Play in parallel, displaying two lists of results
- Add several apps from the search results without having to search again.
Try it now >>

July 7, 2020 New Feature
New Team Translation Management

Running out of review translations every month? Not sure which apps your team members have translations enabled for? Our new Manage Translations setting can help you make sure you use your translations effectively. Team leaders can now manage translations for the team, preventing team members from accidentally enabling translations on apps that don't need it. Translation ManagementLearn how to use Manage Translations or switch it on in your account here.

April 4, 2020 New Feature
Phrases are here!

Do you like our Words feature but hoped for a bit more context? You're going to love Phrases. Look at 2, 3 or 4 words phrases with similar phrases bucketed together.


Check it out now on the Phrases Page >>

We'd love to hear what you think.

March 3, 2020 Improvement
New Custom Topics UI

We've improve the UI and usability of Custom Topics. Now you can enter your included and excluded phrases in separate fields to make the functionality more obvious.

Custom Topics UI

Check it out now on the Custom Topics Page >>

March 3, 2020 New Feature
Custom Topic live match previews

For Custom Topics you now get a live preview of some sample matches on the right of the screen. No more saving and waiting to see if you have set up the Custom Topic correctly.

Live Preview

Check it out now on the Custom Topics Page >>

March 3, 2020 New Feature
Custom Topics Advanced Mode

Want to get really fancy with your Custom Topics? Now you can switch to "Advanced Mode" and build your own query. Combine AND, OR, quotes, wildcards and much more with full syntax highlighting. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Custom Topics UI

Check it out now on the Custom Topics Page >>

December 12, 2019 New Feature
Public and private Google Play ratings side by side

Now you can see public ratings (matching the Google Play store) and private ratings (matching the Google Play console) side by side for apps where you have connected your Google Play Console.

GP Ratings

See it on the ratings page for Google Play apps. Note it requires a connected Google Play Console account for private data.

November 11, 2019 New Feature
Amazon product format

Now on Amazon products you can see product formats such as size, color and model. You can see the product format listed under "device".

Please note this is only available for those products with different formats and for new reviews from today.

Amazon Product Format

Check it out now >>

November 11, 2019 New Feature
Build your own comparison reports with multi-source Dashboards

Want to view the same data point side by side for several apps? Comparing your apps to competitors or monitoring your own portfolio's performance is now much easier with multi-source Dashboards.

multi-source dashboards

Try it now on Dashboards or head to our support guide for more information.

October 10, 2019 New Feature
Hide irrelevant words

Now you can dismiss irrelevant words from the Words page. Does your app name or a common word show up that you'd like to never see again? Tap the dismiss and watch it disappear forever.

Dismiss Word

Check it out now on the Words Page >>

October 10, 2019 New Feature
Multiselect sources on Topics, Custom Topics, Tags and Words

Now for any page under "Groupings" (Topics, Custom Topics, Tags and Words) you can multiselect sources to see results in aggregate.

Multiselect Topics

Check it out now on Topics, Custom Topics, Tags and Words.

October 10, 2019 New Feature
Advanced keyword filtering

You can now use advanced keyword filtering on the reviews page. Use quotes for exact phrase matching, | (OR) operators and much more.

Advanced Keyword Filtering

Check it now on the Reviews page >>

October 10, 2019 New Feature
New report to measure the effect of Review Replies

Check out the latest addition to Appbot Exports; Reply Effect. The Reply Effect report is a CSV or Excel format report that details how customers respond when you reply to them. See whether your replies are helping increase your star rating, and measure the value of investing in engagement on the Play Store.

review reply effect report

Available now for Large plan and higher customers on the Exports page.

August 8, 2019 Improvement
Deprecated - NPS score display improvements

For NPS sources we now display scores in a much clearer way.

NPS Score

Check it out now on the reviews page.

August 8, 2019 Improvement
Search for keywords across multiple sources

You can now search for keywords across multiple sources! Search for the same words in your iOS app, Google Play app, Amazon products, support tickets and more.


Try it now on the reviews page.

August 8, 2019 Improvement
Deprecated - Our API now supports importing data!

Import Data With Appbot

Do you have a data source that Appbot doesn't support yet? Now you can use our API to import data and get the same great sentiment and topic analysis.

If you don't have a plan with API yet you can upgrade now (use the users dropdown on Large) or reach out to us with any questions.

July 7, 2019 New Feature
Check out Voice of the Customer: The Definitive Guide

Voice of the Customer Guide

We've distilled our years of experience and many hours of research into "Voice of the Customer: The Definitive Guide". It's not gated, just a free resource for anyone looking to learn more about VoC. We'd love to have your feedback on this new section of our site - is it useful? Let us know via our contact form. If you enjoy it please feel free to share!

Read the Guide >>

May 5, 2019 Improvement
Deprecated - Import NPS scores (0-10) to Appbot

Import NPS scores via CSV

Since we launched our Premium Sources many customers have asked for support for scores from 0 to 10 in our CSV import workflow. When you add a new CSV source you will now see the option to import NPS data, with scores from 0-10 - try it out and let us know what you think!

Upload NPS data now >>

May 5, 2019 Improvement
Import Amazon products in bulk

Import Amazon products in bulk

You can now import your Amazon products to Appbot in bulk, via CSV. Just import a list of the URLs for each product you want to track, and voila!

Try Bulk Import >>

May 5, 2019 New Feature
Better Google Play ratings data with authentication!

Google Play Authenticated Ratings

Google recently removed star breakdowns from public apps, leaving us with just average star rating and total count. So we've introduced fetching ratings from your Google Play Console account once you have authenticated. You'll get better data and we can backfill your history! Remember you also get the other great benefits for reviews when authenticating including the app version, OS version and device.

If you haven't already authenticated your Google Play Console account now >>

May 5, 2019 New Feature
Deprecated - Appbot now analyzes all your text-based customer feedback! ✅

Voice of the Customer

Appbot still offers the same robust sentiment analysis and natural language processing for app and Amazon reviews, and now you can also import other text feedback like support tickets or emails, survey responses, social feeds and NPS data, for a complete Voice of the Customer overview in one tool.

Check out the new Sources you can analyze here >>

April 4, 2019 New Feature
Deprecated - Automatically push new rows in Google Sheets into Appbot!

Automatically send data into Appbot from a Google Sheet

Got a bunch of survey replies, forum responses, social media comments or some other type of feedback in a Google Sheet? You can now sent it straight into Appbot, like magic!

Check it out now >>

April 4, 2019 New Feature
Deprecated - Add Uservoice data into your Voice of the Customer reporting 📈

Appbot now supports Uservoice

Appbot now natively supports Uservoice, so you can bring the suggestions your customers have been making into Appbot. Analyze sentiment and use our natural language processing tools to get a clearer understanding of your feedback.

Are you on Uservoice? Try it now >>

February 2, 2019 New Feature
Deprecated - Be Delighted with our new integration 😂

Appbot Delighted integration

You can now directly connect Delighted to Appbot, to analyze the sentiment, topics and words in your Delighted responses in real time. Take your understanding of your NPS data to the next level, and see what's driving the trends in your score. See your NPS sentiment along side reviews, support and other feedback.

Learn how to get started here >>

February 2, 2019 New Feature
🔌 📊 Plug your Appbot data directly into Tableau

Appbot Tableau integration

We've just added support for connecting the Appbot API to Tableau, so you can build your own review reports inside Tableau. You will need to have Appbot API access in order to use this integration. If you are a Large or Enterprise customer without API access you can request an API trial by using our contact form.

If you are already an API customer, please head over here for instructions >>

January 1, 2019 Improvement
New Reviews Page Is 🔥🔥🔥

New Reviews Page

We have totally redesigned the reviews page based on your feedback. Our main aims were to bring all of the meta data together, make it easier to scan a review and make manual tagging easier. We are really happy with the result. Like always reach out via our contact form and let us know what you think!

Try it now >>

December 12, 2018 New Feature
Multi-app reporting makes a debut in Appbot

Multi-app reporting
Yep, you can now report on reviews for more than one app (or custom data source) at a time! Use it to view consolidated summary stats for several apps and data sources, or to review all your user feedback in a single list. We'd love to hear your feedback on this new feature - reach out via our contact form and let us know what you think!
Try it now >>

December 12, 2018 Improvement
Sentiment Score now 0-100

New Appbot Sentiment Score
The Appbot Sentiment Score has had a facelift as well as some big changes under the hood. Our Sentiment Score is now on a scale from 0 (very negative sentiment) to 100 (very positive sentiment), instead of using a report-card style grade from A+ to D-. We've updated it to take full advantages of the updates we made to our Sentiment AI earlier this year. Check it out now >>

December 12, 2018 New Feature
Weekly & Monthly Ratings Public Beta

Weekly & Monthly App Ratings
By popular request: we've introduced weekly and monthly Ratings Over Time! Hover over the chart to see the star breakdown by week or month, as well as the average rating for each period. Exports beautifully to CSV and Excel too!
Try it now >>

December 12, 2018 New Feature
Send app reviews to hundreds of apps via Zapier!

Zapier Appbot template example
You can now connect Appbot to hundreds of services, via Zapier! Use Zapier to send app reviews to third party apps that we don’t have a native integration for.

Try it out and let us know what you think!
Learn more here >>

August 8, 2018 Improvement
Improved Filtering For Words

We've improved the filtering for the Words page. Now you can filter by a Topic, Custom Topic, Tag and/or Detected Language.


Let us know what you think!

Check it out here >>

August 8, 2018 Improvement
Minimum Word Count on Custom Topics

Minimum Word Count
Now you can add a "minimum word count" to custom topics. Reviews with less than the number of unique words will be excluded. Really useful if you are just looking for meaningful reviews.
Check it out now >>

August 8, 2018 New Feature
Reply URL, Topics & Tags Now In Exports

Many customers have been asking for this! Now the reply URL, topics, custom topics and tags are all included in both CSV and Excel exports of raw reviews.
Check it out now >>

August 8, 2018 New Feature
Ratings Chart for iOS "Current"

Current Ratings
Many of you asked to be able to chart "Current" ratings for iOS apps alongside "All Time". Now you can!
Check it out now >>

August 8, 2018 New Feature
Large Review Listing Widget on Dashboards

Large Review Widget
We now have a larger reviews listing widget for Dashboards! The new widget doesn't truncate reviews and it shows metadata like version.
Check it out >>

July 7, 2018 New Feature
Send reviews to thousands of apps via Zapier!

Our biggest update ever

You can now post reviews into any of the thousands of services that Zapier integrates with, filtered by stars, topic, country and more. Think JIRA, Salesforce, Google Sheets... There are so many possibilities. Available on current Large plans and higher.

Learn how here >>

July 7, 2018 New Feature
Deprecated - Custom Data Sources: Understand customer feedback across all your channels

Custom Data Sources

Custom Data Sources allows you to automatically analyze the feedback trends of any large body of text feedback. We’ll show trends in sentiment and topics so you can improve faster. Import help desk tickets, social media messages, and over 1000 other data sources via Zapier. Available on current Large plans and higher. If you're not on Large and you'd like to try it please use our contact form.

Find out how to get started here >>

June 6, 2018 New Feature
📰 Good news for HipChat users: NEW Stride Integration

New Atlassian Stride Integration

Appbot now supports Stride, Atlassian's HipChat replacement! You can now post reviews directly into Stride, filtered by stars, topic, country and more.
Learn more here >>

May 5, 2018 New Feature
✅ NEW Integration with Google Hangouts Chat

New Google Hangouts Integration
Appbot now supports Google Hangouts Chat, with an integration that works in a similar way to our very popular Slack integration! You can now post reviews directly into Google Hangouts Chat, filtered by stars, topic, country and more.
Learn more here >>

May 5, 2018 Improvement
Updates to Appbot's Privacy Policy

We’ve just updated our privacy policy to reflect changes we've made to strengthen your privacy rights. Although GDPR only applies to our users in the EU we have updated our Privacy Policy for all users to afford everyone the same level of protection.

Here's a summary of the changes:

  • We have added some detail around what you can do with your data and how you can exercise your privacy rights as a user of Appbot.

  • We have given you additional information about what happens when we delete your data.

  • We have provided increased transparency around the different purposes for which we use your personal information.

You can read Appbot's Privacy Policy in full here, or learn more about what Appbot is doing to address the requirements of the GDPR here

Please reach out to us via our contact form if you have any questions.

April 4, 2018 New Feature
NEW Appbot Insights 🎉

NEW Appbot Insights 🎉
Need to analyze feedback trends from many sources, not just app reviews? Surprise! You can now analyze support channels, social media channels, and many more 🎉
Head here to request access to the powerful new Appbot Insights >>

April 4, 2018 Improvement
Tag, you're it! 🏷

Tag, you're it! 🏷
You asked, we delivered! You can now update and/or delete all of your review tags with just a couple of clicks!
Work your magic here >>

March 3, 2018 Improvement
Keep tabs, with review page tabs

Keep tabs, with review page tabs
If you've ever felt like your review trends could be a little more accessible, then we've built the update for you!
You can check it out here >> (p.s. stay tuned, more will appear soon 😉)

March 3, 2018 Improvement
Highlight the topic text in your reviews 🔦

Highlight Topic Text In Reviews
Ever wondered what parts of your reviews are connected to the topics that are tied to them?
Wonder no more - just hover over the attached topic to see the contributing text 👉🏻 >>

March 3, 2018 Improvement
Find the perfect date with our nifty new date picker 📆😍

New Date Picker
Looking for a specific date? You can now manually enter whatever range you like on whatever page you like.
Check it out here >>

January 1, 2018 New Feature
📊 📈 📉 By popular request: New Ratings, Custom Topic & Tags widgets for Dashboards

New Ratings & Topics Widgets
Loads of our users asked for widgets to monitor the overall Ratings of their apps, and top Tags and Custom Topics widgets. They're live in your account now!
Try out the new widgets >>

January 1, 2018 New Feature
Monitor trends in Tags: New Tags Summary

New Tags Summary
We've been listening to feedback during our manual Tags beta. Users told us they wanted to analyze Tags like they do Topics and Custom Topics... so now you can! Watch this space for more Tag improvements.... 👀
View the new Tags Summary >>

January 1, 2018 Improvement
Export to .xlsx (no more special character issues, yay!)

Export straight to Excel. No more special characters!
Special character issues in csv exports are a thing of the past! You can now export Appbot data direct to .xlsx format.
Try export to .xlsx now >>

November 11, 2017 New Feature
Multi-app CSV Exports 👍

Export CSVs across up to 10 apps
CSV exports have moved to their own 'tab' at the top of the screen. You can select up to 10 apps from the menu, and then export the data for all the selected apps in a single 👆 !
Check out the new "Export CSVs" tab now >>

October 10, 2017 New Feature
🥁 Drumroll.... iOS Ratings Over Time for All Countries

Appbot iOS Ratings over time All Countries
Since Ratings Over Time launched many of you have asked us to show the aggregate stats for all countries on iOS.

Right this way to 👀 the beta >>

October 10, 2017 Improvement
Scan Translations in Custom Topics

Custom Topics now include translations

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could scan translations for matches to your Custom Topic keywords and phrases?

Oui!🇫🇷 Ja!🇩🇪 Si!🇪🇸 Sim!🇵🇹 Hai!🇯🇵 是 🇨🇳 Haan!🇮🇳 Da!🇷🇺 Evet!🇹🇷 Ken!🇮🇱 네 🇰🇷

Try it now >>

October 10, 2017 Improvement
Full screen mode on Dashboards

Full screen 4k Dashboards

A bunch of our users told us they display their Appbot Dashboards on a big screen in their office, and our failure to support full screen mode was making them 😩

Not any more! 😆 Try it out >>

October 10, 2017 Improvement
Updated Appbot Terms of Service

We’ve just updated our terms, to make them better for you! Our new terms include mutual no-indemnity and mutual no-liability.

Check them out here >>

September 9, 2017 New Feature
Compare Apps gets new multi-series charts

Compare Apps


Compare review volume and review stars for multiple apps using the new multi series charts on the Compare Tab.

Learn all about it here »

September 9, 2017 New Feature
New Product Changes page 👀

Welcome to our awesome new way to let you know what we’ve added to Appbot lately. When we post something new you'll see a red badge on the Help menu ↗

No more change log emails, woo! 🚀

August 8, 2017 New Feature
New features for Enterprise users

We have recently added a few goodies for our Enterprise teams:
- Get better control over access to your account with SAML 2.0 compatible Single Sign On (SSO).
- Take control of your translation quota using new Translation settings.
Read all about it »

July 7, 2017 New Feature
Group your apps using pins

App pins in Appbot


Got some apps you report on all the time? Pin your favorite apps on the Manage Apps tab, and they’ll always be at the top of your list on the Compare Tab, and in the app picker of the Explore tab.

More details »

July 7, 2017 Improvement
Improved team sharing on Custom Topics & apps

Ever found it annoying that you couldn’t see your team-mates Custom Topics or apps? Be annoyed no more :)

Learn how it works »

June 6, 2017 Improvement
Multiple Team Leaders 👪

Avoid bottlenecks in user management by having 2 or more team leaders in your Appbot team.

Learn more »

June 6, 2017 Improvement
Dashboards are now shared across your team

Make sure everyone is looking at the same data with shared Dashboards. You can now 👀 view your team-mates’ Dashboards, and make a copy if you wish to edit a Dashboard you didn’t create.

Learn how it works »

May 5, 2017 Improvement
Bulk update your app settings

Bulk edit Appbot email settings


Save time updating your app settings in the Manage Apps tab. Make bulk edits to your email and translation settings, or delete apps in a few clicks.

Show me how »

April 4, 2017 New Feature
Custom Tag Your Reviews

Custom Tags on Appbot


For those times when you want to mark a review for following up, flag it for a team member, or create a cluster of reviews manually we now offer Custom Tags. Add them on the Reviews page.

Read about Custom Tags »

February 2, 2017 New Feature
Less Inbox Clutter: Daily Digests

Daily Digests on Appbot


Less inbox clutter has landed. Get daily reviews for up to 15 apps in a single email with the new Daily Digest option.

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February 2, 2017 New Feature
Ratings Over Time

Ratings Over Time on Appbot


See what prospect users would have seen in the app store on a given date in the past with Ratings Over Time. Slice and dice your Ratings data by Average Stars, Ratings Count or Star count, and export to CSV in a click.

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