Contact Dermatitis Pt /Dermatology Employee Approved!

I was recently patch tested at the clinic where I work, and it turns out I have some pretty severe allergies to certain chemicals that are in SO many of my products. I was given the AmericanContactDermatitisSociety app to help with knowing what products were safe for my particular allergies. However, I found the app was not very user friendly, most of the approved products for makeup options were no longer even being made, it didn’t tell you what you couldn’t use just some of what you can. This app has a MUCH larger and up to date database. I have found it to be so much more helpful than any other app I’ve attempted to use. My skin has very harsh reactions to certain chemicals and it has been a nightmare trying to find accurate information on ingredients for future use (I Had to get rid of almost all of my skincare and makeup, so there is a long list needing to be replaced.) I am so thankful a friend showed me this app! It’s been extremely helpful during this stressful process.

24 Mar, 2023