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Appbot offers automated sentiment analysis and natural language processing for Twitter mentions, to help you identify opportunities to improve faster.

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Add Twitter mentions to your Voice of the Customer program

Analyze how users are talking about your brand on Twitter alongside your other key channels of customer feedback. Appbot centralizes sentiment analysis, keyword analysis and topic analysis for your app reviews, Amazon product reviews, support tickets, social media, NPS and more, bringing all of your Voice of the Customer data into one place.

Easily identify the strengths and weaknesses of your products and services across your feedback channels and deepen your understanding of how different customer segments interact with you online. Equip your support team to deal with issues proactively, without waiting for those issues to be reported across several channels.

Level-up your customer experience using Twitter mentions

  • Analyze Tweet sentiment

    Sentiment analysis built to understand the nuanced language of the Twittersphere. Connect Appbot to Twitter to track and analyze the sentiment of mentions of your brand, handle, hashtags, or those of your competitors.

  • Address complaints faster

    Isolate Tweets that indicate a problem in your customer experience. Delight users with faster replies and resolutions to problems, by leveraging Appbot's natural language processing tools.

  • Works with other Voice of the Customer tools

    The way that customers talk about your brand on Twitter is just one piece of the Voice of the Customer puzzle. Appbot gives you the comprehensive overview you need to understand the issues affecting your customer base as a whole.

  • Surface common Words & Topics

    Automatically categorize Tweets based on the keywords and Topics they mention. Easily identify trends in bug reports or specific feature requests, so you can provide more proactive customer support and fix issues before they affect your online reputation.

  • Fine-tune your advocacy marketing

    Nurture stronger relationships with those customers who drive positive word-of-mouth for your brand. Appbot makes it easy to surface Tweets from superfans so you can build your brand advocacy efforts with the right users.

Why choose Appbot & Twitter?

First 14 days are on us

No credit card required, so you can test Appbot without any upfront commitment. We think you will love it!

Set-up in minutes

No need to invest hours getting started. Appbot is designed to be simple and self-service, so you can be up and running quickly. Use our templated dashboards and NLP models, until you're confident about investing the time to create your own.

Proprietary sentiment and NLP tools

Our sentiment analysis and natural language processing tools have been trained on over 400 million records of short-form user feedback. Our tools can interpret the nuanced language you'll commonly find in NPS comments, app reviews & social media without skipping a beat.

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Get started with Twitter and Appbot in minutes


Create your Appbot account. You'll automatically be placed on a 14-day free trial.


Select Twitter when you are prompted to add a new Source.


Authenticate with your Twitter account and tell Appbot what to search Twitter for.


Your Twitter sentiment and Topics will be available to view alongside app reviews and more, within minutes.

Who uses Twitter & Appbot?

Appbot is used by thousands of companies around the world, including 35% of the world's top app developers, and 25% of the Fortune 100.

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Don't want to track your tweets?

You can also track App Reviews, NPS Responses, Support Tickets, Product Reviews, and many other types of customer feedback.