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Understand your customer feedback
across all channels

Analyze trends in sentiment and content of your app reviews, support tickets and social media.

Introducing Custom Data Sources from Appbot

Sentiment analysis and machine learning

Powered by AI + decades of human experience

Your new way to visualize, track and understand the Voice of the Customer using cutting edge AI and machine learning.

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What types of data can Appbot analyze?

Appbot Custom Data Sources offers native integrations that allow you to monitor trends in topics and sentiment directly from:

App reviews in all major mobile app stores
Support tickets in Zendesk or Intercom
Any text data in CSV format
Or connect 1,000+ apps and automate your workflows with

Just set up the integration, and we’ll automatically pull new data in as it’s available.
Appbot can also analyze any other unstructured text source. Just put it in a CSV, and import.

4 Steps To Happier Customers

Connect to Appbot

Connect your feedback sources to Appbot, or simply import your data from a CSV.

Import your feeds

Go grab a coffee… Take a power nap… Or clear some email for a few minutes. Your call.

Receive continual analysis

We’ll show you how your customers feel, what topics are most common in your feedback, and just like that; you’re ready to start improving.

Use actionable insights to improve

See the positive impact of acting on what customers want

Surface bugs, feature requests, common complaints, and much more in minutes

Quantify issues affecting your customers, and get yo’ priorities straight.

Try Appbot's Custom Data Sources out free for 14 days