Feedback And Reviews For Your Apps Sent To Any Of Our Integrated Services

With Appbot, you can get your feedback and get app reviews for your apps to any of the services Appbot integrates with.

With Appbot, you can get your feedback, app store comments and reviews for your iOS, Google Play, Windows, Mac or Amazon apps pushed through to any of the services Appbot integrates with.

Appbot can send your feedback and reviews for your apps to the following services:

  • Freshdesk
  • Yammer
  • Zendesk
  • Slack
  • Hipchat
  • Trello

Setting up these integrations on Appbot is easy, while each has a slightly different setup procedure, all are straightforward and we have comprehensive support documentation for each one to help you get them setup in to time, take a look here.

While you are on your free 14d trial of Appbot, you can setup and use all of the integrations we offer. Once your trial has finished, the integrations you will have access to depends on which plan you choose.

  • Appbot users on the Startup plan have access to Slack and Trello integrations.

  • Appbot users on the Growth plan have access to Freshdesk, Zendesk, Yammer, Desk and Hipchat integrations as well as the same integrations as the Startup plan’s integrations.

  • Appbot users on either the Chart Topper plan or the Unicorn plan can get all the feedback and reviews for their apps sent to to the complete range of integrations that Appbot offers. Our customers on the Unicorn plan also get access to the Appbot API, which can be used to build custom integrations between Appbot and whatever tools your business uses. The API is also commonly used to build fully customized reports and to plug Appbot data into existing tools.

If you need any further assistance on how to get your app store comments and get app reviews, don’t hesitate to contact us at with any questions or check out our FAQ section here.

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