Sentiment Analysis for Customer Feedback, powered by AI

Customer feedback analysis across app reviews, support tickets, social media, NPS responses and more.

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Sentiment Analysis across all your Customer Feedback Channels

Leverage AI-powered sentiment analysis and see what your customers really think of your product or service.

Appbot automatically fetches your user feedback to provide you with near real-time sentiment analysis across all channels.

Appbot also offers insights into the keywords and topics that are powering customer sentiment for your brand, without reading each piece of customer feedback manually.

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So much customer feedback,
so little time!

Appbot was designed to help customer-centric brands focus on improvement, not data analysis. Let us do the heavy lifting with customer feedback analysis across

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Get answers faster.
Improve faster.
Grow faster.

Appbot's Sentiment Analysis AI has been specifically trained on large customer feedback data sets, and tested by teams from the world's top brands. Our Sentiment Analysis AI can help you to answer questions like:

  • How did our recent app update affect sentiment?
  • What do customers think of our new feature?
  • Is sentiment on our social media different to sentiment for app reviews?
  • Are the sentiment trends for text replies to our NPS survey reflected accurately in the score?
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Analyze sentiment by keywords, topics, tags and more

Sentiment Analysis is vital for brands to understand how users feel about their product or service but that's only the part of the picture. Appbot also makes it easy to understand why your customers feel the way they do about your product or service, with advanced text analytics.

Appbot reads all of your app reviews, support tickets, survey results and any other types of feedback you connect to your account. Our bots groups pieces of feedback together according to sentiment, topics and keywords. Use the Words tool to see what the most commonly used keywords in your reviews are, use Topics to see what themes are popular with customers. Appbot even makes it possible for you to design your own automated Custom Topics or Tags which can be applied manually.